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  1. Hi, Hope someone can help. A friend of mine has just been offered a property in this area. Unfortunately, Ive been told that the area is rife with drugs, robberies, shootings and the like. Can anyone confirm this information for me because Id hate my friend to move there if this is true, Thanks. Please either post here or PM me
  2. i live in shirecliffe very close to one of the entrance,s to the new school, all i can say is chaos among builders comes to mind. how on earth can it be safe when young children are in school and workmen are still on site working, kids walking along top balcony,s and workmen passing them with wiring etc. i know the headmistress was seen having a abrupt conversation with the site manager about tools and rubbish and working equipment left all over the school which children could easily handle. the damage they cause to your front is appalling, my front as been smashed to pieces with trucks and delivery vans etc. when there came to repair it they chucked a bit of tarmac in holes they had made and then walked on it to level it off. i think a visit to the councillors will be order next week. i would like to hear your views on the new school if your kids go there,or you have had any problems with damage on your front.
  3. i know what youre talking about saying certain people spoil the area, me and my wife moved on to longley ave west recently and weve got an immature youth next door who thinks its funny to throw stones at buses and the new school they are building they are at it every night,my wife is a poorly woman she is always keeping me back on a leash, there idea of doing somethink constructive is stand on street corners causing as much mayhem as possible, police dont want to know, phone them and hour and half later they phone you to ask if they are still there,very helpful i think not.
  4. i can sympathise with you at our previous tenancy we had the family from hell,loud music,fighting,drugs, moving in anybody and everybody, started with diary sheets that carried on for 18months, threatened to stab my son in front of a anti social officer, dat box readings,etc etc. then in our amazement they came back and told us they was,nt enough evidence to evict,the only way we could get rid of them was if they accepted a mutual exchange. just fight with all you have got they is light at end of the tunnel.
  5. i just wonder what police policys are on street crime, we recently got letters through our doors about problems on shirecliffe about abusive teenagers threatening tenants, saying anybody with information contact them, have i just come from the moon, but if you contact them about any incidents that happen, they conveniently tell you there,s nobody in the area.if they so called deal with the situation nothing seems to change,and the yobs are still there for all to see. i would like to hear peoples views on the current state of youth street crime in sheffield, and your ideas on controlling it. i know people have plenty of views and opinions on the current state of youth crime and controlling it.
  6. this just sums up the state of affairs in this town,the council seem more interested in making a **** up of city centre roads than combatting street crime that seems to be at an all time high. it,s a shame that everybody has to look over their shoulder when out because there are frightened to death of what might happen.
  7. does anyone know what the incident was on longley ave west on thursday 15th may, around ten o,clock the road was full of police cars and riot vans, i think it was somethink to do with the new school.
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