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  1. anyone been to this hairdressers at fargate?
  2. I was walking down division street last night and saw three signs for free haircuts in hairdressers but cant remeber which ones, anyone else seen them and know what salons they were for?
  3. I am after getting my hair cut and coloured and looking for a recommended hairdressers in town / west street / eccy road kind of places. Im wanting to get some highlights and lowlights and dont want to spend a forture, the prices of some places seem to vary so much for colour even though they are similar for cut. Be greatful if someone could recommend somewhere they like? Thanks
  4. Hey there, Im off to Plug on Saturday. I see from the website it opens at 10:30 but i cant see any idication of when it closes, does anyone know? I was also wondering if anyone that goes on a saturday could recommend a time to go, i remember going about 12ish before and the q was very big and another time i went at 1:30 and walked straight in. I know some places ahve a time they stop peole entering. Any help would be great, thanks very much Suze
  5. anyone been here and have any review on what it is like? Thanks
  6. well i dont think that was nessasary. i was after bar names, not your opinion on southeners thanks. Dont you have soemthing better to be doing?
  7. I have some friends from London coming to visit sheffield on Saturday night. They are used to going to all the trendy cocktail bars in london and want a similar night out here. Can anyone recommend anywhere please? I only really got to student places and i know that is not the kind of place they wouldlike. They like finky house, house, rnb, garage music etc. these southeners are not into the indie/rick scene. Its a friends birthday so i want to go where he would enjoy. Any tips would be great, thanks veyr much!
  8. i have been to damons before and i didnt like it, thought it was very taky im affraid, will look at the vouchers codes though, thanks
  9. I want to find a cheapish resaturant to go for a meal for my 25th birthday. There will be 10-15 people joining me, all same age. We will be drinking down west street after but i fancied a birthday meal somewhere first. I would ideally like it to be down west street or town (or walking distance) Any ideas of somewjere fun for young people that is good for a group! thanks
  10. Do you know of any bars/clubs or restaurants that you can get vouchers or discounts if its your birthday? my birthday is start of july, want a nigt out with about 10 friends, want to do something before going out for drinks maybe too, any ideas? thanks
  11. Does anybody go to this meeting? If so whats it like? Think its thursday at 6:30 thanks
  12. Not a clue about time, i managed a 10k once in 80 mins but no idea how to figure out a time for 5k. At the moment i can only run for about 5 mins without a walk break
  13. ive signed up, first time ive done a 5k race. doing it on my own too. Just wondered if anyone had an idea of what route the race will take? Thanks
  14. oh dear, i hadnt thought about how much the cost would be. cant remember how much its worth, had it about 2 years. Maybe just time for a new one?
  15. Can anyone advise me on where i can get a digital camera repaired in Sheffield. Near town or somwehere close would be good. I dropped it while the lense was out and it wont go back in Thanks
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