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  1. Perhaps as well that the survey opened at the start of November - after the difficult few weeks between early Sept (after the Rail Replacement work had finished) & early October when we seemed to have multiple service cancellations on most days due to regular tram failures & frequent driver availability issues...
  2. Thanks Michael. I'm particularly concerned about the extra loadings on the 51 from Charnock onwards, inbound - & also from the city centre, outbound - between 25th July & 1st September due to folk who'd normally use the tram but will need to use the 51 instead during that period as a result of the suspension of Supertram services to all stops south of Sheffield Station between those dates. Hence I think that during this period it's inevitable that the 51s will be in considerably greater demand from customers living along the sections of the bus route which are normally served by the tram (bottom end of Charnock through to the top of Gleadless Common). This, along with the limitations to vehicle capacity due to the necessity for social distancing, may mean that the buses reach their limited capacities much earlier than at present inbound & also that they're unable to accommodate the additional (ex-tram) customers trying to board in the city centre for travel to Townend?
  3. Thanks Andy, this gives me a bit of reassurance.
  4. Thanks Andy. The 51 comes quite a way through the Charnock estate before it gets to Townend, so I'm still concerned that the buses may already have reached their revised passenger limits by the time that they arrive at Townend at the time of day at which I have to travel to work - not least due to the additional passenger loadings anticipated as a result of the forthcoming suspension of all tram services at this end of the city for 5 weeks. Similarly I'm concerned that, when travelling home from town after work, I may be left stranded in the city centre due to the number of people trying to use the bus service (including folk such as myself who would normally use the tram) v the reduced bus capacities? In that direction I can see that folk travelling just a relatively few stops will try to board along with the other folk who have a fair distance to travel - unlike the situation running into the city where the plan seems to be that the bus will reach capacity at the point at which anybody trying to board should be able to walk. I can sort of understand the government's decision to not fund any tram replacement buses on the basis that existing bus services run through the area served by the tram, however for them to apply that policy at a time when the capacity of the existing buses (for me the 51 & 252 or, with a 1 mile walk to / from Manor Top, the 120) is very significantly reduced appears to make no sense to those of us who have to rely on the service & seems akin to trying to get a quart into a pint pot. I do agree though with the idea that people who are using the buses to travel only a short distance should perhaps consider walking instead - as long as they're able to do so of course. Thanks anyway Andy - however I'm becoming increasingly concerned about my ability to travel to & from my place of work when required to do so by my employer.
  5. My employer's currently making noises about staff returning to work at the start of July. I live at Gleadless Townend & work in the city centre; in normal times I've always travelled via Supertram. As there will be no tram service at all between Sheffield Station & Herdings Park / Halfway between 25th July & 1st September, due to rail replacement work - with no tram replacement buses provided either - I'm very concerned about how I'll be able to get to & from work. I'd imagine that the First 51, T&M 252 & the 120 bus service (which would normally be a possibility for me to at least travel between Manor Top & town) won't be options due to reduced capacity as a result of social distancing. Due to a medical condition, I can't drive at the moment. Walking or cycling to & from town, 5 days per week, 3.5 miles each way - including the climb from town to Manor Top's 600ft elevation - aren't options either not least because I'm in my late 50s & would find that physically very difficult, every day, especially if the weather was hot. Any advice with regard to how I might be able to get between home & work - particularly from the 25th July when the tram service at this end of the city will be withdrawn altogether for more than 5 weeks with no alternative bus service provided - would therefore be appreciated.
  6. Full details of this summer's Rail Replacement programme have now been made public & can be found at:- https://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/railreplacement/ September 25th is the date scheduled for completion, this may be subject to revision due to inclement weather or to any changes made to safe working practices by the Govt due to the current pandemic. The above webpage also includes a "Frequently Asked Questions" pdf file which gives further details including suggestions of alternative services for peoples' essential travel during this period.
  7. Thanks again Andy - yes the tram's an option (in normal times that's my usual mode of public transport), just looking at other options at present due to the emergency tram timetables. I'd forgotten all about the 252, that's a further option; thanks!
  8. Thanks Andy - but the page which the link goes to states that the 51 (Charnock / Lodge Moor) will be running half hourly on weekdays yet when I click on the "here" link for the timetables the 51's shown as running hourly on weekdays (albeit wef 02/05 to 30/05). Do you know whether it will be running half hourly please on weekdays from May 11th - may just be that the revised timetable will be posted on the site nearer to May 11th? Thanks.
  9. Yes, in addition to the pubs listed above (selling beer drawn from their pumps I believe), Drone Valley, Bradfield & Abbeydale are all selling mini-kegs for home delivery
  10. Yes, the Kelham Island Tavern, also The Gardeners Rest & The Raven - they've all recently posted on Facebook's "Drinking Craft Beer In Sheffield" Group as follows:- Kelham Island Tavern 28 April at 17:59 We are trialling opening for off sales on cask and keg this week to allow us to keep the staff on 100% wages (collection only). We have have a limited supply of 1 pint and 2 pint milk cartoons available so please bring your own clean containers if you have them. Strict social distancing will be in place. Opening times as follows: Thursday 30th: 4pm- 6:30pm Friday 1st: 4pm- 6:30pm Saturday 2nd: 2pm- 5pm Sunday 3rd: 1pm- 3pm Stay tuned tomorrow when we will announce the beers we will have available. The Gardeners RestLike Page 30 April at 20:08 Week 2. The pub is only doing off-sales. 3pm to 7pm Fridays, 2pm to 6pm Saturdays and 12 noon to 3pm Sundays. Our arrangements are - only one person in the pub at a time, access restricted to one corner of the bar, queuing marks in place outside, sanitiser available inside, card or phone payments only please. 2 cask ales, a cider and a keg lager - as of opening on Saturday The Raven InnLike Page 29 April at 16:00 Looking forward to opening our doors again this weekend - Friday, Saturday & Sunday 3pm-6pm🍺 For you keg lovers we have St Mars of the Desserts Clamp, alongside Dortmunder Vier and for cask lovers we have our very own Wisewood Eight and Wisewood One on the pumps Loxley Brewery😍
  11. Thanks Andy. It's good to see that the hourly trams will be timetabled so that there's a tram every 30 minutes between Cathedral & Townend in the daytime (1 to Birley, 1 to Herdings) instead of the current arrangement where we have 2 trams (1 to Halfway & 1 to Herdings) within 5 minutes of each other & then nothing for the next 55 minutes.
  12. I've successfully copied a lot of my family's home movies from VHS-C to DVD by linking a VHS recorder with the necessary tape adaptor, via SCART connection to a Sony HDD (Hard Disk Drive) / DVD combi recorder. Copied from the VHS recorder/player onto the combi recorder's hard drive & then dubbed onto a DVD. My Sony HDD/DVD machine's worked faultlessly for the last 13 years so I can recommend the Sony - this is the one I have- https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sony-RDR-HXD890-Freeview-160GB-Recorder/dp/B001CVHDKQ/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=sony+hxd890&qid=1587388266&s=electronics&sr=1-6 However with this solution you'd need a separate VHS player as well - unlike Silverglade's option which is an all-in-one. VHS / DVD machine.
  13. Due to the volume of traffic turning left into the gymn / leisure centre near St James' Retail Park at busy times, it's often very difficult (& quite dangerous due to the number of drivers who approach quite quickly & turn without bothering to indicate first) to cross over the leisure centre's entrance road when I walk down the footpath from the subway towards the Retail Park. Seems to have been very little consideration for pedestrians when that road layout was designed?
  14. Update today on my non-delivery. Apparently the parcel was damaged, which was why Hermes returned it to the sender instead of delivering it - the family member who arranged the delivery to me had to contact the vendor, who then had to contact Hermes to establish why the parcel was coming back without any attempt having been made to deliver. So in my case it looks to be a communication issue - I think that it would have been helpful if their tracking site had included an explanation for their return to the sender, instead of just a brief note stating that it was going back.
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