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  1. Sorry Cooper, the boxers were a bit too hard for us footballers, so we stayed out of their way. Apart from Ted Goddard and Henry Hall who were real Gents.
  2. Very sad Jim. I still stay in touch with his nephew Alan, anice guy who lives in Doncaster. He tells me snippets from Ralph's past that totally fit in with the guy I had the privilege to have as a teacher and in later years, a good friend. I know a lot of people who will be glad to see his name come to the forefront of this Forum again. Lets keep it happening.
  3. That is Phil Woodall and his number is 0790 4948213. Have a good time.
  4. Yes it was Charlie Jim. He used to call me George because I reminded him of his son. I don't know whether that was a good thing or not.
  5. Does anyone remember Les Oldale. He was Chief Buyer around 1965/66 ?
  6. Hi Donna Sorry if this is a little late in reply.I don't know any more about your grandad and granma and the only contact I have now is with your auntie Julia. I do wish you every happiness in the future and please give my best regards to your Dad. Geoff
  7. Ah Brian. I have fond memories of Minnie or was it Mini ? She took us for History. I could not remember what had happened the day before let alone when she was talking about. Do you remember
  8. Hi Pete I remember you well and hope you are keeping well. You will see my earlier reply to Richard regarding Ralph. Stay in touch on the forum. I now look every couple of days now that people are writing again and it would be good to catch up. Regards Geoff
  9. Hi Richard, I am afraid Ralph passed away recently. I kept in touch with him by phone regularly up until then. A really great guy and I miss him terribly. I still keep in touch with his nephew who is also a nice man. I have been able to fill him in on some of Ralph's football exploits as well as his teaching ability. Regards Geoff
  10. Thankyou Richard I will be taking the lightly boiled egg and acup of tea.
  11. Brian, who are these people ? Am I losing my mind ? Are we still talking Owler Lane Intermediate.
  12. Ralph O'Donnell - Owler Lane Sadly passed away recently
  13. Yes I did, infants and Juniors.
  14. That's a shame Cal. I was born at 43 Cobden View. Geoff
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