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  1. That's why I use this forum, you're such a helpful friendly sarcastic bunch of smug *****
  2. Maybe,I did wonder if it might have been a stealth bomber
  3. Last night at 2.30 am I went outside to let the dog out and while I was stood there heard something in the sky and it was moving quite fast bit flying lower than a normal aeroplane and had four lights in a kind of triangle shape I live in Stoney Middleton and wondered if anyone else had seen anything. One of my neighbours heard it but it had gone by the time she looked.
  4. I went to cj's a few times.Bit daunting for us two girls on our own but we were always okay :-) loved it.
  5. My dog keeps breaking our cat flap and I'm tired of replacing them, does anyone know of one that's a bit stronger to withstand the dog pushing her head through please ? I've looked online and seen the staywell 600 mentioned, does anyone have this and is it okay ?
  6. It is Thorncliffe Row alemap,when I looked at the photo I could see it was as I remember it and also knew people who lived there.
  7. Do you mean Thornclife Row ? There used to be two rows of houses near the Thorncliffe works,you could walk from the houses on to Lane End. I can remember them and I remember them being knocked down, you could see where the houses were for years after.
  8. I posted this elsewhere before I saw this thread but I'm wanting a tattoo with Arabic writing.I can show them what I want written in Arabic text so should any good tatooist be able to do it ? Or does anone recommend anywhere inparticular ? Thanks.
  9. I'm wanting a tattoo, I can show them what I want writing in Arabic letters so can anyone reccomend someone or should any decent tattooist be able to do it well. I'm really stuck as to where to go so any good ones or ones to avoid please.
  10. I remember going once to the Chapel on Station Road, I can't remember going again so maybe it was just the once, although a few of my friends went and my sister went regularly.
  11. Does anyone remember what year Tankersley Manor opened ? I seem to remember it was around 1990 but my sister insists it was earlier,Can anyone help please ?
  12. Wow I didn't know that ! Would love to know how they are getting on, I often think about them and wonder what they'r up to
  13. I knew Mick and Richard Dubik, not seen them for years, does anyone still see them ?
  14. Aarons face when they did the task :hihi:What a mardy face he has
  15. I'm glad Jems gone, she was boring anyway and I think it was a bad move to bring her in.
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