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  1. I'd forgotten all about nibbets till I read this. I haven't had nibbets since 1959 and I used to be absoluely crazy for them.
  2. my grandmother worked as a chalet maid in the late 1940s and throughout the 1950s, she definitely didn't get heaps of money, more like a pittance, but she had a good time with the other chalet maids.
  3. Was anyone in the pantomime Goldilocks and the 3 bears at the Lyceum Theatre in 1959?
  4. Does anyone know Muriel Cocker born in the 1920's?
  5. The Marples had a shop a few doors up from our gennel where we used to buy our sweets.
  6. Hi, if he was a regular at the Washington Arms he probably knows my mum's family The Wilsons who lived up a genel at number 35, what's his name, I'll tell my mum and see if she knows him, she's 84. Thanks, Jacqui
  7. Hi thanks for your message. My mum left there in 1959, was your mum there then? Jacqui
  8. Hi, thanks Ginger. I'll try and get mum to remember some names, she would have been in her late 20s, early 30s when she worked there. She loved it. Her name is Joy Eyre, so if you think of anyone I'd be grateful for any information. She was the last salesgirl, I remembered her telling me when I read your stuff about that. She said she hardly ever got any customers. It seems a weird way now for retail staff to work. We left Sheffield in 1959 and came to live in Australia, but the roots go way back. Cheers Jacqui
  9. My mum was born in Pearl Street Sharrow in 1924, I was born in the same house in 1946. I was just interested if anyone remembers the street and the people who lived there then. Jacqui
  10. Hi ginger, my mum worked in Cockaynes in the 1950's in the lingerie department. When were you there? jacqui
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