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  1. Hi everyone, im coming over from brid today to visit my dad in wesyon park hospital, staying for a few days and will have a pretty big suitcase with us, does anyone know if theres a left luggage at the train station please? Or i seem to recall there used to be lockers at the interchange, do these still exist? Im hoping to not have to drag a big case up to the hospital if possible, any advice is much appreciated. Thanks guys 👍
  2. Hi all, Was in the bessemer on sunday and got on to talking about the names it previously had, i remember it being the fountain and my dad remembers it being called pig and whistle but i seem to remember it as something else, cannot for the life of me remember the name!!!! Im talking maybe 17 year ago. Can anyone put me out of my misery? Or am i imagining it lol Cheers
  3. thanks guys, used the avg tool to get rid, created a new user account and installed MSE. seems to have done the trick............:thumbsup:
  4. just got the wife a laptop and im having a problem........................................................obviously the 1st thing i did was install avg on it but once i did this the audio disappeared????? so i uninstalled avg to see if it came back, it didnt, then did system restore, so i got the sound back but lost avg, installed avg again and lost sound again :confused: so once again did system restore and tried to download the latest drivers, didnt have any success though. sound did come back for a short time but has now gone again???????? so we now have no anti virus and no sound lol, any suggestions????? thanks in advance
  5. just spoke to the company and there going to send me another one, and told me to keep the one thats not working for the hard drive, ram etc etc. good of them i suppose. thanks for the help anyway guys
  6. i think thats a bit out of my depth lol, i have e mailed the company, will just have tio see what they say, thanks for trying to hepl anyway mate
  7. have already tried that, didnt make any difference though unfortunately. this is the link to where i bought it from if thats any help http://www.amazon.co.uk/Compaq-D500-Desktop-Professional-pre-installed/dp/B00280EQVE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=computers&qid=1291646689&sr=8-1
  8. the lights come on and it does sound like its booting up but i dont think the fans are coming on. its making a whirring sound but no beeping noises. the only other slots at the back are labelled IOIOI A and IOIOI B and have 9 pins dont know what these are for though..........
  9. just got a second tower for my son to have in his room for schoolwork, i have connected all up using a monitor keyboard etc i already had and there is no signal being sent from the tower to the monitor, i have tried 2 seperate monitors and 2 different leads but nothing is happening, anyone know what the problem might be? thanks
  10. says in todays daily star you can listen to the call on their website, i cant find it though, gutted lol
  11. i am trying to install windows xp on my brothers laptop for him, he currently has vista but doesnt like it and wants xp instead. i am booting it from the xp installation disc but after so long it says it cannot find a hard drive and cannot complete the installation then just tells me to press f3 to quit, can anyone help please?
  12. thats worked a treat, took a while but i got there lol thanks again:thumbsup::thumbsup:
  13. i was just going to right click then go on extract all and then open the new folder and click where it says setup is that wrong?
  14. i have managed to get them all now except one which still wont work, i assume i now have to unzip them all and click on the setup in each one?
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