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  1. I wanted to take kids to go see it. Missed out. I heard a lot of people talking about it and saying how fantastic it was and raised quite a lot of money for Breast Cancer Care. Apparently a lot of people enjoyed it. Regret going to it :-(
  2. Did anybody go to Sainsburys? Heard Peppa Pig was there? How was the Breast Cancer Care Charity?
  3. Hi first off all thanks for reading I need some help in the following section for my current chosen organisation Dyson I need to know their Offer and Branding, strategic pricing and Costing and finally Marketting communication if they was to launch a new product and what business decisions they would need to make I will give you more information in regards to what information is needed for each section. Willing to pay something reasonable THANK YOU
  4. Does anybody know any cheap car insurance who do not charge a high premium? Does anybody know how to get a business insurance or any driver policy on a car? Thanks
  5. Anybody know any good bhangra DJS, wedding decorations, bride dress up etc for an asian family Thanks please pm
  6. Theres no user accounts made, its quite annoying coz everytime i upload somethings comes with his name followed by the document path. Aint their no other way around this without reinstalling windows
  7. Bought a laptop from somwbody, but whenever i upload something to the net say his name followed by the document path. How can i change his name so its got mine instead thanks
  8. Where can i buy them motion detector from
  9. Haha, got a quote of £160. Why should I cough up the money when some lowlife that hasn't got a life aint got nothing better to do dan causing agro. Hopefully soneone might have seen it plus waiting for the police to ring so will get a beter picture.
  10. coz their were no sign of a vehicle hitting it, seems as though they used aggressive force and took the whole mirror down. think they were after the mirror which was missing.
  11. To the idiot that has aggressivly broke my driver side mirror on vincent road sharrow has been reported to the police. I dont seem what was the point in doing this, if anybody so anything around 11.30am or seen anybody suspicous around a blue corsa please send me a pm as the information could be crutial. If the same thing has happend to you please report it to your local police station.
  12. I got couple of spreadsheets to make so I need somebody who is familiar wid this software and knows how to use diffrent kind of formulas. Will pay 5ph. Plz pm if interested
  13. Wodger if somebody witnessed a accident which could have left me badly injured or a member of a public seriously injured, they need to come forward
  14. Im not going to pay anybody but if somebody seen anything i would be grateful if they can pm me with their contact numbers
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