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  1. Carbrook C/E Rothwell family: John 58-64, Carole 59-65, David 60-66, Steven 63-69, Andrew 64-70, Howard 65-71.
  2. hi deutsch, you would probably have known my aunt. Norma Lincoln
  3. Thanks Xmiax , it was the one but nobody has been on the thread since january.
  4. Hi to you plain talker and thanks. Im not used to computers,but im learning. Thanks again.
  5. I have lived in leicester for the last 28yrs, sheffield is just 55mins up the M1. I visit my parents and yes sheffield has changed,and to what i can see is for the better. But i was brought up surrounded by steel firms and foundries (carbrook),Hammers goin g all night long. NO THANKS enoughs enough ..
  6. I remember old man cornflakes, (mr cornthwaite,the headmaster). There was miss storey,miss robinson and i think it was mrs spears (head dinner lady). anyone out there remember anybody else?
  7. It was definately tescos ,my mother was a checkout lady.
  8. any old school mates out there,from the 60s ?
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