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  1. Certain people on here, (you know who you are) who just come on here to post abuse & nagative comments. I've come across a few who always have to be right about everything even when sometimes they've no experience in what they are posting about? It gets me really mad when you're trying get some advise & then they post something that some of the time isn't even anything to do with the thread!
  2. My brother owns a haulage company & has had to downsize his company (getting shut of lorries) due to the rapid rise in diesel
  3. are you just talking about petrol or diesel too?
  4. That's v true, all i'm saying is if you have children & are in emergency accomodation, that can affect your children & then health visitors will speak to homefinders ect... If your along way from family, friends childrens schools, that can affect your health especially when your a single parent, then thats when doctors will get involved...
  5. i got lots of people involved which does help (health visitors, doctors ect)
  6. Yeah it took 3months for me to be offered a three bed house, i think the fact i kept on at them helped! it seemed to go on for ever but there is light at the end of that tunnel
  7. hi i'm kats mum i'm the landlady of the new inn (hollinsend rd) we dont charge for ice seems a silly idea but people have to make their money somehow I think my prices are quite reasonable.Its a great friendly pub you should come and see for yourselves we are on the tram route and the 51 bus route.
  8. I remember i used to have a real good night out in kingdom, but now it's embrace & i've only been once & found it was well.....pretty boring! Whats your views?
  9. Maybe it was a joke but even so that's just something you don't do!! Very irrasponsible parents i must say
  10. thank you will have a look at home base or a similar shop
  11. Can you get a plain wall paper thats designed to be painted over? I'm wanting to decorate my living room & have one wall thats gotta dramatic pattern on it & just paint the others magnolia, but the walls aren't very good. If there is a special wall paper you can buy whats the best one to get? Thanks for looking
  12. I didn't do what you do (trying to stir trouble) i came on here for advise, so like i said if you have nothing to say other than insults then please do not post on my thread
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