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  1. Hi can anyone recommend someone whom can fit a recirculating hood in kitchen or maybe extractor hood I got needs ducting fitting wall knocking through etc . Looking for which will work out cheaper. also need a replacement double glazed unit ( must be kite marked) approx 470x 600mm
  2. Mr fox been and killed all my chucks 8 hens and my cockerel. Made coop bomb proof now so can't happen again , so has anyone got any hens available please?
  3. What time and day is best to collect chippings please
  4. Dog cage wanted for cocker spaniel size large
  5. Hi folks Hope u all had great new year, booked trip f December to see santa in Lapland . Apparently due to temp there my phone battery dies instantly so any recommendations for good point n shoot camera max budget 2-300 ---------- Post added 02-01-2017 at 23:55 ---------- Don't all reply at once ---------- Post added 05-01-2017 at 21:03 ---------- Why so un helpful guys all I'm asking is some advice please Jesus this group is ****e
  6. I know this is old thread but I have a daystate airwolf , member of club in Rotherham . Indoor range but would love to go hunting vermin if anyone willing to have me join them I'd be so happy . Basa registered also just about to get shotgun licence
  7. Can anyone recommend a mobile mechanic as I'm in need of service doing
  8. I recently bought a horsefield tortoise and the last owner used grass pellets in bottom of vivarium ! Is this ok to use ? I know of topic sorry
  9. Thanks guys has anyone got one of the Dyson bladeless fans? Are they ok?
  10. Alcoblog if anyone has ever told you your they were lying ... To the other replies I was considering the bladeless Dyson but was wondering how much difference would be if went down other route
  11. Need an air on unit fitting in my bedroom where's best place to go please?
  12. Hi all I'm after getting an used Xbox one but probs seems stupid question but if I buy one with games downloaded on to it . Will they still be on when I sign in to my live account or not?
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