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  1. Can anyone tell me what happened to Geoff Stringfellow.
  2. I've just had a facebook message from Sylvesters bar....Saying Omar is there 26 Feb..... Is Omar a man, a woman, a band or a performing Dog...... I've never heard of Omar....help please....
  3. Pheasant I think it's called on the right going from Fox house to Froggat. 12 or 13 then half fare home on the bus reaking of beer. Might have been 2 bob a pint I'm not sure.
  4. I used to live just below the tank at Edgemount. I recall the pumps failing, and the tank running dry. As more water was pulled off the system, air was drawn in through my taps, my meter ran backwards. I told the waterboard, but they didn't believe me. I was without water for a couple of days but got a credit for every gallon pulled off down the hill.
  5. I was amused watching the lab party conference. Sky news have a half second delay on the lipsinc. making Ed look even more like Wallace.
  6. There can't be that many Ann Bodmans working in HR at Norbert Dentresangle, give her a call
  7. Get on with it before your solicitors bill get too heavy. If you are nervous about making a reduced offer, ask your solicitor to do it for you.
  8. I have quite a bit of experience of furnace charging but for anyone who hasn'y seen it for real, Magna is a hopeless experience. A sound recording and a few flashing lights. It would be better served with a film showing exactly what happens. As an earlier post mentioned half the exhibits weren't working. Over the period since the opening they should have been adding new interesting exhibits.
  9. If you scan it there are plenty of people on here to give you an opinion
  10. I know that I recall the name Softley, I think you've jogged my memory with Michael. I still can't quite put an identity to it.
  11. Hopefully the BBC strike will prove that the world will go on without the taxpayer having to pay for a none commercial TV.
  12. The 39 kellys, shows Strand St. between 66 and 104 King James St. but doesn't show it on the index of streets. There is also Majuba St. at 178 King James St. which again isn't in the index listing. I'd never heard of either. Majuba sounds like somewhere in the colonies or somewhere we fought in the Boar war.
  13. When ever we needed anything like a fish tank, a christmas tree or bike parts, my dad would say I'll ask Dougie, who worked on the bins. It usually took a couple of weeks before it arrived.
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