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  1. Sounds interesting! Get in touch, and I will get some music out to you! http://www.myspace.com/catsbb cheers Rob
  2. the 'Reverend' is a top bloke, and deserves recognition, I remember him singing on the late bus home from the Sheffield City Centre, and that was along time ago, since then I have seen him go from strength to strength he has alot of charisma and he is from Grenoside!!!, I think you can be safe in saying "we will see Jon and the makers with a number one before the end of 2007". Have you seen the video's of 'Reverend & the Makers' at the plug, that was a stunning gig! 'Jody Wildgoose' another genius musician from Sheffield was his support, that was a great Sheffield gig!!!! Debut single by Reverend And the Makers, out to download on 6th May and on cd/7" on 28th May Check Out The Video For "Heavyweight Champion Of The World" http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=2026727282
  3. For any bands out there that have promo DVD materal, have a look at this! All Info Below :- What is propeller? Propeller is the only ‘not for profit’ UK TV channel dedicated to showcasing new film, tv and music talent to the UK and Europe on SKY TV! Where can I watch propeller? SKY CHANNEL 195 and on the Eurobird satellite link How do I submit a film? If you are the rightsholder, please submit your film on DVD to John Offord, Propeller TV, C/O Screen Yorkshire, 46 The Calls, Leeds, LS2 7EY. You may submit as many films as you want to the channel, free of charge. What happens after I have submitted a film? If your film is selected, we will then forward paperwork to you, which you will need to read through and complete. In keeping with OFCOM regulations we cannot broadcast films without the relevant clearances therefore, failure to return paperwork will mean your film cannot not be broadcast. What are we asking for? Propeller asks for a non exclusive 3 year licence agreement, which can be broken by the filmmaker at anytime. You retain all rights to your film. What can propeller offer a filmmaker? *Any financial surplus made from advertising or commercial revenue will be reinvested in new productions *propeller will be able to offer a free European platform for filmmakers to showcase their work on SKY. *propeller can also offer a broadcast credit for new talent seeking to further their careers *propeller offers an opportunity via the website for perspective buyers, sales agents, commissioning editors to contact filmmakers direct and to vote and rate films online *A board of patrons, including key broadcasters, funding agencies and regulators Who funds propeller? The financial impetus for the project came through the learning & Skills Council Centre of Vocational Excellence Initiative, which has provided support both regionally and nationally When is propeller on air? 8pm-1am 7 days per week? How can I find out more? Visit propellertv dot co dot uk Deadline? 31st December 2006 Any questions? Email john@propellertv.co.uk Please feel free to pass this info onto other bands cheers Cohen
  4. FREE MP3 DOWNLOADS NOW AVAILABLE through the main website :- if your quick you can download the whole album "GROWING FROM THE INSIDE OUTWARDS" on mp3 format, just go to the website and claim your FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD, be quick though it will only be availble for FREE DOWNLOAD for 2 weeks from yesterday!!!! at :- http://www.spoonjuicerecords.co.uk to hear the album, to see if you want it, goto http://www.newyorkshire.co.uk Go And Support Sheffield Music, FREE tracks available by, Bhuna, Solar Powered Butterflies, Danny Blackwell, Ryan Taylor, Cohen & the Shatners Bassoon Band and Bluecyco & the Digital Ninjaz!!!! More Coming Soon, Keep Your Ears Peeled!!!! Cheers Cohen
  5. PRESS INTERNET / RADIO / NEWSPAPERS & MAGAZINES, If you would like to request a copy on CD format Or MP3 Download, please contact us here, stating which format prefered, Click the link below :- http://www.spoonjuicerecords.com/email.htm Also please state if a press pack is required, and we will send one out to you. Thanks, Rob Cohen on behalf of The Spooonjuice Team
  6. Nah mate! not yet! it will be release on the 6th of june in most shops, mainly the independents, not virgin or HMV, unfortunatley! and you will be able to order it from sheffield based :- The Laundrette, top sheffield Label and Sheffield Record Online Shop, link below you will be able to get it from these guys from the 6th of June onwards, on the link below! http://www.thelaundrette.co.uk/ Could I also mention, the first 1,000 people to sign up to the New Yorkshire mailing list, will recieve a welcome email that will let them download the full album as MP3 format, to use either on their computers, Ipods or multimedia devices, only one entry per person please. mailing list is at the bottom left of the page, URL below http://www.newyorkshire.co.uk And thanks to all the people who have sent us emails, saying they are behind what we are doing, cheers! Rob Cohen http://www.spoonjuicerecords.co.uk
  7. Thanks!, Yep £5, 12 tracks for a fiver! and you can listen to it as many times, as you want through, the website, did I mention the website http://www.newyorkshire.co.uk yeah, you can listen to the whole album as many times online as you want until the release date, so, if you like whats on there get it bought, where you can buy it from will also be posted on the site above, nearer the time, you should be able to make pre-orders online through! sheffield based company, http://www.thelaundrette.co.uk/ within the next couple of weeks! Keep listening, and Gervais email me! and lets go out for beers! Anakonda (aka Cohen)
  8. Ey up! Gervais, no need for cryptic musings I am human after all! Don't remind me of your car, call that a car, more like something out of back to the future! 1.21 giga watts! When we going to go out an enjoyed copious beverages again then? I look forward to our next air drumming session! Cheers Anakonda p.s. I hope your going to buy a CD!
  9. If you haven't heard about this already well here goes, Spoonjuice Records, has arrived - and is here to put out music by Sheffield Bands, there is already 6 bands on the label so far! and hopefully more by the end of 2006! The first release will be a CD sampler of the 6 bands on the label so far :- Bhuna, Cohen and the Shatners Bassoon Band, Ryan Taylor, Bluecyco and the Digital Ninjaz, Danny Blackwell and The Solar Powered Butterflies! all from the steel city! 2 tracks by each band, 12 tracks all together! You can listen to the new album here, on the MINI SITE there is a flash player that streams the whole album! http://www.newyorkshire.co.uk "IF you like the music on the site please, buy the CD when it's out and support Sheffield Music, the more support the label receives the more Sheffield Bands Spoonjuice Records can continue giving support to.." For bands out there that want to post a Demo for the label to listen to, please post to the address below, include your email, and other contact details and mark for the attention of James Evans :- Spoonjuice Records, 528/530 Manchester Road, Stocksbridge, Sheffield, S36 2DW. Cheers Cohen, on behalf of Spoonjuice Records
  10. The old place that used to be a swimming baths, and converted into a bar - I don't recon much to the decor in there but the sound system isn't bad - 0114 2854000 - you need to ask for a guy called tom, I think he is in charge of the booking of bands Rob
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