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  1. Does anyone know if any of the cafes/bars in Hillsborough will be open on Boxing Day morning? We'll be taking the dog for a walk and it'd be nice to stop off somewhere for a coffee if we can. Any suggestions?
  2. I'm obviously not expecting a dealer to give me the same price someone would buy it from them for, but it was my understanding that the amount can vary from one dealer to another, and that webuyanycar tend to be the lowest as you're getting a lower price in return for a quick and convenient sale.
  3. I've done a search, but I couldn't find any recent threads on this. I want to sell my car (3.5 year old Nissan) and won't be buying a new one so can't do a part exchange. I don't want the risks involved in selling it privately to an individual, as I've known a few friends who've had issues when doing this, so are there any car dealerships that people would recommend? There's obviously webuyanycar, but I'm guessing that they tend to offer the lowest prices. Can anyone suggest anywhere in Sheffield that's likely to give me a better price than them?
  4. It's 2 double bedrooms and an attic bedroom with separate study/dressing room. As I said, it's bigger than the standard terrace and with a different layout. There's a lot more space than an average terrace house, and way more than a semi.
  5. I'm getting ready to put my house (large 3 bed terrace in Hillsborough) up for rent as I'm moving out of the area, and I'm wondering how quickly rental properties are being snapped up at the moment. It's a good house, larger and with a different layout compared to the standard 3 bed Sheffield terrace, and it's in very good condition with most rooms recently redecorated. We've also moved most of our stuff out so it looks much more spacious and "depersonalised". There don't seem to be a massive number of similar properties on the market at the moment, but I don't know how many potential tenants are currently looking for a new place. Can anyone tell me how long they'd expect a house like this to be on the market before it gets viewings and applications?
  6. Does anyone have a recommendation for a painter/decorator who's likely to be able to fit us in this month? Before anyone says it, I know the best people get booked up months in advance, but we don't have months to wait. It isn't anything complicated - just freshening up some walls before the house is put on the market, but we don't have time to do it ourselves.
  7. I'm considering looking for a gardener to come as a one-off and tidy up my back garden - how much should I expect to pay per hour for this? I've never used a gardener before so I've got no idea what the going rate might be. Also any recommendations for someone who works in the Hillsborough area would be helpful. Thanks!
  8. Can anyone recommend an airport taxi service that would do the trip from Sheffield to Heathrow for a reasonable price? It would be during the day on a Sunday. Before anyone tells me to get the train or coach, the reason I'm looking at a taxi service is because we're going to have a large amount of luggage which would be pretty unmanageable by train. I've also already looked into prices and the cheapest train tickets would add up to over £250 for us, so I don't think a taxi would be much different. Coaches are way cheaper, but they'd take nearly double the time it would to drive, and we're going to have a long enough flight without adding unnecessary extra time for the journey to Heathrow.
  9. I'm moving abroad soon, after 19 years in Sheffield and 10 in the same house, so we've got to seriously reduce the amount of possessions we have. I've looked into shipping things, but it's not worth it for anything that's replaceable - shipping would work out more expensive than just buying new stuff once we're in our new home. I'm trying to figure out the best way to rehome things - obviously there are charity shops, Freecycle and so on, but while I've always donated things after having a minor clear out, I'm reluctant to just give absolutely everything away for nothing. We'll be leaving our house furnished and renting it out, so we won't need to rehome any furniture, but we'll have lots of books, clothes, CDs, DVDs, kitchen stuff, electronics etc that we've built up over the years - there aren't really any single items that are worth a lot, but everything together would add up to quite a lot of money when it comes to replacing the essentials once we've moved. There are plenty of things that I could get some money for on eBay, but it'd take ages to list it all so I'd rather only do that for things I could get a decent amount for. Car boot sales are OK for small amounts of stuff, but all of our stuff would take up far too much space! I'd be interested to know what other people have done in this situation - is there a simple way to sell lots of stuff that isn't going to take up too much time? I've got enough to be doing before we move, without having to spend hours Ebaying stuff!
  10. I'm not planning on storing anything that would depreciate or can be easily replaced, but I've taken a lot of time and effort over the years furnishing my home how I want it and I don't want to have to do that again in 2 years time. I also have personal belongings that can't be replaced, but that I wouldn't be taking abroad with me, so I'll need to store them.
  11. I'm moving abroad in the summer, initially for 2 years, and will be renting out my house. I'll need to store some stuff while I'm away, but although I've looked into different storage facilities, I'm really only guessing at how much space I'd need and that will obviously have a big effect on the cost. I don't want to underestimate it and then find that it's going to be a lot more expensive than I thought, but equally I don't want to overestimate and think it'll be so expensive that I'd be better just getting rid of stuff and buying new things when I come back if that's not actually the case! I haven't decided whether to rent my house furnished or unfurnished, as it will depend on how much extra it would cost to store furniture as well as my personal belongings. Can anyone who has stored a whole house worth of stuff give me an idea how much space they needed? My house is a 3 bedroom house with a pretty average amount of things in it - if anyone can tell me the size of the storage space they used to store a full house worth of stuff, that would be really helpful.
  12. I want to have laser hair removal but there are lots of places in Sheffield that do it, so I'm looking for recommendations from people who've been to a particular place and would recommend it because it was professional, effective and not too painful. Please no comments about "oh, but it's expensive" (I know it is) or "have you tried this method of hair removal instead?" (yes, I probably have)! Thank you!
  13. Can anyone recommend anywhere in town (preferably not far from the station) that does breakfast from 9am on a Saturday? The only places I've thought of don't open until 10. Looking for somewhere with nice food but it doesn't need to be fancy.
  14. Not a bad idea, it's worth us asking. I don't know how well-known it is though, it's been difficult to even find recipes online - we've managed to make a sort of version of it, using a combination of a Thai recipe badly translated by Google (some of the instructions are hilariously incomprehensible) and a video in Thai of someone making it, but it'd be nice to try the real thing again, if only to remind us what it's supposed to be like!
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