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  1. Unsuprisingly Sheffield is now growing Aloft
  2. Hiding underwater? Respiration to stop! Wired
  3. Steam has optimum room temperature Under
  4. Mitochondria is life's energy supplier https://www.thoughtco.com/mitochondria-defined-373367 Tripe
  5. Hippies often use static electricity Steam
  6. Trigger operated umbrella genuinely harmful Reach
  7. Summing arthmetic usually causes errors Probe
  8. Your offer demands energetic libido Organ
  9. Lakes and canals emitting steam! Muted
  10. Restrung old violin encourages romance Lemon
  11. Spagetti portraits and Ravioli emojis Judge
  12. Monday's uprising now creates history Grown
  13. Rush around causing extreme dizziness False
  14. Martians invade Sheffield testing Yorkshireness! Evade
  15. Rusty old activated charcoal heater Draft
  16. Life's unfair nuances create havoc Catch
  17. Another dodgey advanced passenger train Brave
  18. Sheffield people enjoy comfortable shoes Aback
  19. Happy oriator tells endless lies Yogee
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