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  1. Liquorice aphrodisiac gets everyone regular Mecca
  2. Electromagnetic Waves demonstration by Sir Lawrence Bragg For anyone interested in EM waves this video is well worth viewing. Around 9 minutes into the presentation, demo of microwaves focused using an optical lens.
  3. Microsoft's idea of Windows as a service and quality assurance with two featured updates per year is poor. Their 1809 release is a case in point, it was pulled after users complained of deleted files, even though the problem had been highlighted by some of their insider preview testers. In addition some Winows 10 Pro users complained of their machines becoming Windows 10 Home machines. Users of Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise/Education can delay installation of updates, alas this option is not available to Windows 10 Home users, and yet this is the very group most vunerable to broken updates with the least resources to correct any issues created by a defective update. My main machine runs Windows 7, and I will be begin looking for a replacement in a couple of months.
  4. An email from BT with the heading "Handpicked for you in our January Sale". It goes on to say: "Enjoy our best ever connection for less". A little further down the text: "our most reliable broadband connection yet for just £2 extra a month". BT must be taking their sales patter from a well known American president.
  5. Here is an interesting video: "The School Boys Who Cracked the Soviet Secret" Of course the 'Spherically Challenged' amongst us will say it is all a hoax dreamed up by the Russians, Europeans and Americans. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQFmF9Gnp0A
  6. Cook a technically challenging hamburger Lunch
  7. Typical response in posting etiquette Junta
  8. For those who remember Eric Laithwaite, here he is talking about magnetism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tJfqMYHaQw
  9. Forget organised unilateral nuclear disarmament Kaput
  10. Informative presentation, "The Chemistry of Coal": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Qi4rrQoruQ
  11. Unbreakable little toy requires adhesive Juice
  12. Large antlers generally enhance Rudolf Hutch
  13. M$ are going to rebuild their Browser around the Chromium Engine, it will be interesting to see if Edge gains market Share. Personally I quite like Firefox. Article on the following link: https://www.theverge.com/2018/12/6/18128648/microsoft-edge-chrome-chromium-browser-changes
  14. Had Jury Service a few years ago, it's almost impossible to get an exemption. The Armed Forces, Police, and certain government staff (HMRC) are exempt. See the following link: https://www.gov.uk/jury-service
  15. It's always worth reading the reviews to determine if they are a bunch of Wannabes, Pretenders or Also-rans. Remember none of of the suppliers are All-stars. https://www.broadband.co.uk/broadband/providers/now-broadband/reviews/
  16. If you are running build 1803, M$ recently issued an update to address a whole host of issues: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4467682/windows-10-update-kb4467682
  17. https://www.bleyerbullion.co.uk/what-is-silver-stacking
  18. Houses of Parliment encourages spending Filch
  19. This may help: https://support.brother.com/g/b/faqend.aspx?c=us_ot&lang=en&prod=hl5340d_all&ftype3=2046&faqid=faq00000208_023
  20. Monday everyone attends Lucifer's seance Ethos
  21. Editing the topic title, for example changing the text to upper/lower is not changed in the post!
  22. I'm sure someone will find this info useful: The Council are offering free all day Sunday parking in Sheffield City Council on-street pay and display bays and car parks from Sunday 18 November to Sunday 23 December. https://sheffieldnewsroom.co.uk/news/christmas-parking-extends-to-six-sundays/
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