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  1. Have opened universal sausage emporium Yeald
  2. Resist everything, and don't yeald! Weigh
  3. Bangles, Simon & Garfunkel cover: Hazy Shade of Winter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxrwImCJCqk
  4. Sorry, about that, I will use the excuse: Just testing! Cheese and Rhubarb taste's scrumptious Usual
  5. Cheese and Rhubarb really taste's scrumptious Usual
  6. Trader recruit's additional insider nark Scoff
  7. Talk respectfully and cuddle everyone Roast
  8. Fictional reporter offered generous salary Power
  9. Lovely old auntie does striptease! Offer
  10. Saucy little Elf entertains Pixies Naval
  11. Meditate using Scottish highland yoga Junta
  12. Seriously underused nefarious Noddy Yorkshireman Idiom
  13. Special permutations ensure remarkable mutations Harsh
  14. Difficulty reading inside news kiosk Faith
  15. Cloudy lager or undiltuted Drambuie? Earth
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