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  1. This website deals with copyright http://www.copyrightservice.co.uk/copyright/p01_uk_copyright_law
  2. Have a read of this http://www.boundary-problems.co.uk/boundary-problems/priv-r-o-w.html
  3. RE-entry of NASA's Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite ( UARS ) Chunks of UARS are expected to reach the earths surface but at present its unknown precisely where. Updates and info are available on the following link http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/uars/index.html Should we be worried? and where would you like bits of to Land?
  4. I've just checked Lloyds TSB, they have a link which they call 'Free Diagnostic Check' it links to Malwarebytes http://www.malwarebytes.org/products/malwarebytes_free
  5. Recovering data from computer that fails to start but displays an error message Option 1) boot with a linux live-CD, (Ubuntu, Zorin, Puppy linux and others) Requirements Linux Live-CD Computer configured to boot from CD External USB drive with enough space to accept the required data Method Connect External USB HDD Insert Linux-CD and restart computer Answer any prompts (usually country and keyboard) Varify you can navigate to the external hard drive Navgate to the data on the local hard drive, drag and drop the required data Issues if the local hard drive suffered a catastrophic failure the computer may not boot from the CD or the Local may not be visible Option 2) Remove HDD from computer and connect to second computer using IDE/USB or SATA/USB adaptor The HDD will appear as another storage device Drag and drop the required files Issues Windows may not allow some files to be copied- permissions. If the HDD suffered a catastrophic failure the computer may not see the drive
  6. I usually set the maximum temperature (90 C) every three or four months with a bit of detergent and antiseptic disinfectant, and let the thing run thru its cycle. Now I have absolutely no-idea if its good or bad for the machine. Oh and clean out the filters. If you try the above and it screws-up your machine its your fault.
  7. Allowing grow your own cannabis should not be banned, the reason the cannabis plants Stink! However the odour can be captured but I doubt if any home-grower would invest the necessary funds to modify their loft spaces, garages, garden sheds or other areas they use to cultivate the product. What they will do is trot out the same lame excusses of why they have the plants and why they don't harm anyone else.
  8. Use the link below: enter your post code or telephone number to get options such as services available and distance from exchange http://www.samknows.com/broadband/broadband_checker Some ISPs just give lame excuses for not having a decent speed. A friend of mine moved to BT because her ISP would not do anything about the poor connection. Her logic was BT installed the network BT maintain the network, therefore BT should be able to get me a good connection and they did.
  9. What's the make and model of the motherboard? I suspect you cannot drive two monitors from integrated graphics on the motherboard it will be either DVI or VGA but not both
  10. I have a Microsoft 3500 its about 2/3 the size of a standard mouse PC world about £35.00 there is a small switch under the mouse to switch it off when not in use if you don't switch it off battery usage is quite high John Lewis sell Logitech wireless mouses' for about £20.00 but I have know idea what they are like. If you get one post on this thread and say what you think about it.
  11. The main problem with connecting 2 sets of batteries in parallel each set of batteries will be slightly different from the other even from the same manufacturer, therefore you get the first set discharging into the second set, the current flow will be small but none the less discharge will occur. Now, if a cell fails in the first set, then the first set will be at 10V and the second set will be at 12V, the second set will discharge quite rapidly into the first. Connecting a high current diode in series with each set will overcome the problem of self discharge and failure discharge however, this changes the circuit characteristics for charging the batteries, and the diodes themselves would be physically quite large and expensive.
  12. Thats terrible If you are on a BT landline enter the number here to find out what speed you should expect http://www.productsandservices.bt.com/consumerProducts/displayTopic.do?topicId=16738
  13. enter 'multiple screen setup' in your favourite search engine Here is one such answer http://howto.wired.com/wiki/Set_Up_Multiple_Monitors#Multiple_monitors_in_Windows
  14. For anyone interested the following web page has reviews of various NAS stations but its not the easiest web site to navigate around http://www.expertreviews.co.uk/network-storage/1283569/synology-diskstation-ds211j
  15. The only other action I can suggest, I've no idea if it will work is to use a Linux Live-CD to just move the folders from Location-A (say) to Location-B, the act of moving the folders my cause folders and files to aquire permissions, but I don't know. If you resolve this issue please post on this thread.
  16. You could try Attribute Changer http://www.petges.lu/ How was the disc image created? I've looked inside disc images created with win-7, but when trying to do a restore windows says the images are corrupt. Well yes they are because I've messed about with the permissions so I could try and see the files.
  17. surely there's a video tape of their activities. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/latest/2009/04/19/vice-madam-to-name-four-top-tories-in-tell-all-book-115875-21288361/
  18. Posing a question on any public forum, the replies you will get will be a mixture of truths half-truths lies biased opinions. It is up to the original poster to decide what infomation to accept or reject. For example you may post the question How do you rate 'Internet-R-Us' as an Internet service provider? Before you read the replies you know that someone will post absolutely rubbish worsed ISP I have every used and someone else will post wonderful ISP best move I ever made joining them. and others will have an axe to grind for some obscure reason
  19. 2 or 3 years ago whilst in conversation with a field service engineer of a computer supplier to corporate and public sector businesses, the reasons for recommending Microsoft Memory Diagnositc were: 1) its a tool written and provided by Microsoft. 2) All the instructions for downloading, installing and using the tool are provided by Microsoft. Now if the end user (customer) could not follow the instructions provided by Microsoft for using the Memory Diagnostic tool then there was a good chance that the customer was 'Technically Challenged' and the field engineer had to be careful not to upset him/her for fear of getting bad feedback.
  20. For Parental controls and Windows 7 see this site http://windows.microsoft.com/en-GB/windows7/products/features/parental-controls
  21. The link below is to the Microsoft Windows Memory Diagnostic tool all the info on how to download and use it is on the page. Its a typical Microsoft product, it has to be installed and then run to create an ISO image. The ISO is then burnt to CD as an image. I used imageburn. The computer then has be boot from CD where a variety of test patterns are applied to the computers memory. I'm sure everyone reading this will want to try it, so why not give it a go. Probably generate a little spike at MS with the interest shown in this tool. http://oca.microsoft.com/en/windiag.asp
  22. When booking train tickets you are entering into a contract to travel from point A to Point E If you board the train at point B you have broken the contract, and some train companies get really upset about it. Depending on the train manager you may recieve a fine.
  23. http://www.exposedmagazine.co.uk/news/2011/09/02/Park_Hill_Apartments_on_Sale_Soon/ Link to BBC about flats and service charges http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-15046043 Prices start at £90,000 What council-tax band are the 'Apartments' in? If you are buying a flat presumably you are actually buying a lease, how long is the lease? Who are the managing agents? What is the annual service charge for maintenance of the common areas? How are the managing agents paid? annual fixed charge on each flat?, precentage of the sevice charge?, free? Will there be a residents group and will there be regular contact with the managing agents? Who resolves grievences? If I own a flat (or lease to a flat) are their any charges if I want to sell it? Is there a copy of the lease available on-line? has a Fire Risk Assessment been carried-out? if so is a copy available on-line?
  24. The following has happend to me at least 3 times Question) Mike, can you recommend a cheap computer, all we want to do is send a few emails and order from Tesco, we don't want anything expensive. Answer) This £350 black box with monitor will do exactly what you want:- send emails and order from Tesco. a few weeks later Question) Mike, can you recommend some software we can use to edit our holiday snaps, and show us how to use it? when we copy the pics from the camera they are too big to send with emails. Answer) yes, IrfranView it's free and you can use it to resize your pictures. A few weeks later Question) Mike, Theres something wrong with the computer we are trying to copy a video from the camera, so we can view and edit it but it's just not working, can you have a look at it? Answer) There's nothing wrong with the computer, you are trying to us it beyond the original specification you gave me. Question) What do we do? Answer) ........................................
  25. I'm looking for a Network Attached Storage (NAS) product I've tried a couple NAS products in the past but always found them wanting, and my current NAS (Western Digital Book) as just failed. Previously I've used a PC running Xp and SyncBack Freeware, now the reason I like this approach is the HDD can be removed and read on another pc. Whereas some NAS systems have formats that Windows OS cannot read or access. At present I'm considering using a laptop with a large capacity HDD connected to the network. So if you are running a NAS system what is it and how good (or bad) do you rate it? Thanks
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