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  1. Standard upholstery pattern: English Rose Lemon
  2. Superior harlot offers cracking kinkiness Krill
  3. Drone races unusual northern Kestrel Jaded
  4. Drunkenness is now essensially shameful India
  5. Shove halfpenny association killing entertainment Embar
  6. Genuine racing experiment, everyone naked! Curve
  7. Charismatic hooker actively seeking employment Blimp
  8. Superior organist requires rasping yazhoo Afoot
  9. Little Englander alienates pretentious Scotsman Youth
  10. Advanced legover training exercise requirements Woven
  11. Beautiful lady occasionally wants naughtiness Urban
  12. Sexy oppertunist gran greets Yorkshireman Samba
  13. Remember old adverts describing senility? Plump
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