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  1. Undried Natural Dates emit radiation! Greed
  2. God's little universe expects devotion Faith
  3. Run around Crookes every Saturday Dream
  4. The owner of a Canadian crypto exchange currancy dies taking with him the computer passwords for funds in 'Cold Storage'. Article on the following link. https://www.ccn.com/190m-gone-how-canada-biggest-bitcoin-exchange-lost-it So for those of you who have crypto-currancy what happens when the sole holder of the keys dies?
  5. Lightning over valley, expect downpour Cover
  6. Marie Antoinette's revolution reprimands Yoda Below
  7. Natural aphrodisiac in labido scandal Yuppy
  8. Chinese laundry offers clean knickers Wigan
  9. Farting regulator obtained zero emissions Vegan
  10. I never thought to try the drive with Linux. The drive was wiped and is now in a neigbour's computer.
  11. Muffins usually soaked in custard Union
  12. Your elegant lingerie looks sensational Tenth
  13. I had a Humux PVR that stopped working, on connecting the hard drive to my computer the format appeared not to be recognised, I suspect the data is encrypted. My Panasonic TV allows recording onto an external USB drive, connecting the drive to the computer and again no joy.
  14. Quilted underwear improves extreme temperatures Scamp
  15. Climate heatwave indicates last days Pique
  16. Leonard Cohen fan? You should enjoy this: Tower of Song - memorial concert 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSmvvUNTtTc
  17. Nylon underwear delivers electric shocks Octet
  18. Liquorice aphrodisiac gets everyone regular Mecca
  19. Electromagnetic Waves demonstration by Sir Lawrence Bragg For anyone interested in EM waves this video is well worth viewing. Around 9 minutes into the presentation, demo of microwaves focused using an optical lens.
  20. Microsoft's idea of Windows as a service and quality assurance with two featured updates per year is poor. Their 1809 release is a case in point, it was pulled after users complained of deleted files, even though the problem had been highlighted by some of their insider preview testers. In addition some Winows 10 Pro users complained of their machines becoming Windows 10 Home machines. Users of Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise/Education can delay installation of updates, alas this option is not available to Windows 10 Home users, and yet this is the very group most vunerable to broken updates with the least resources to correct any issues created by a defective update. My main machine runs Windows 7, and I will be begin looking for a replacement in a couple of months.
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