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  1. Special permutations ensure remarkable mutations Harsh
  2. Difficulty reading inside news kiosk Faith
  3. Cloudy lager or undiltuted Drambuie? Earth
  4. Kind aquaintance hides kinky intentions Dread
  5. Cheeky rascal enjoys annoying mum Caked
  6. Free recommendation only: Get Stuffed! Brake
  7. Curried hamburger is my preference Acerb
  8. Demanding exceptional vivacious intense lover Yawed
  9. Councillor usually recommends rejuvenating yourself! Watch
  10. Beautifully restored old kitchen equipment Valet
  11. Swinging Macarena and Scandinavian Hambo Upend
  12. Sexy proposal or kinky entertainment? Tempo
  13. Enthusiastic auntie really likes Yorkshiremen Suite
  14. Free internet news? Expect dross! Ruler
  15. Disposal of old running shoes Ohmic (related to resistance in an electrical circuit)
  16. Cheetah raced across Zimbabwe yesterday Mater
  17. Standard upholstery pattern: English Rose Lemon
  18. Superior harlot offers cracking kinkiness Krill
  19. Drone races unusual northern Kestrel Jaded
  20. Drunkenness is now essensially shameful India
  21. Story tells of raunchy kinkiness hoist
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