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  1. Cloth bum mummy here - we use bamboo nappies and nappy inserts. The inserts are thin so they dry quick but the nappies are a pain to dry, especially now the weather has turned. You'll find some bamboo towels on this website: http://www.littlelambnappies.com/luxurious-bamboo-toweling Currently half price.
  2. Hi, sorry justin and i won't be able to make it tonight. please take us off the list. ta
  3. Please sign me and Justin up please... :-) I'm back finally!
  4. We've had one with Mr Farrel who said it was a little girl... we then went back to the NHS (as we had to have spinal measurements taken as she was laying funny) - we pretended we didnt know and asked and they said girl too and pointed out the tell tale signs :-) I hope they're both right, we've been buying pink things for her!
  5. Just a couple of things that I'd like covered on the night: Court costs - just how much are we actually paying per Court? PF have hiked their costs astronomically (as have all SIV centres) - however, after "Life Card" discount - how much are we paying per Court? A quick glimpse at the annual figures is too difficult to swallow - can this be broken down? Coaching - I asked for this in January and I havent had any. Well, not from SFBC. I've had to go to another club to be coached which is out of my way in comparison to PF. Others have already said enough on this point already. But needless to say, there is interest for this. Socials for all - really lacking in this department this year. Whilst I appreciate the badmintonathon took an awful lot of time and effort to organise - I feel that some more low key gatherings would help create more of a group feeling. Perhaps we could even use our numbers to help in a community project such as a clean up a park mission? I shudder to use the term "team building" but perhaps thats what would bring us all closer? Either way, a picnic in the park, a walk in the countryside, a few games of bowling doesnt take long to organise and perhaps we could see a bit more of that this coming year.
  6. Hi Nish, please take Justin & I off the list, unfortunately we will both be working late :-(
  7. Justin and I are up for the walk :-) x
  8. It is very easy to be talked into these things... especially when you are feeling annoyed in the first place that someone else's negligence has put you in this position. I find it scandelous that you were told to keep the hire car until the matter was sorted. You are only entitled to keep it until the total loss/write off cheque has been received. Perhaps one to refer to the insurance services ombudsmen?
  9. Basically, your legal rep is trying to make the point that you are impecunious (not in funds to pay for hire upfront) to give the hire company the maximum chance of making a full recovery. You have a duty as a Claimant to mitigate your loss by only incurring reasonable costs. The moral of the story here is SAY NO TO CREDIT HIRE! Wait until liability has been admitted and ask the third party insurer to pay for your hire car. Then there can be no argument as they are the paying party so they can make all the arrangements.
  10. Ok Nish, let me know when coaching is likely to start and im sure i can drum up some interest Ta
  11. Hi Nish, Are there any plans to start the coaching this month? Ta C
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