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  1. Thank you. Very useful to know. I was expecting that scaffolding would be needed and I was hoping it could be done some time this year. I wish I had started to organise it much earlier in the year
  2. Hi, The chimney on our terrace (in S6) needs repointing and the pots need re-flaunching. I'd like it done with lime mortar because it's stone. Any recommendations? Thank you.
  3. I also recommend Jonathan of JB Heating Services. Jonathan fitted a new stop tap in our cellar and replaced the blue pipe to our washer a few weeks ago. He's a friendly bloke who does a good job.
  4. These bees were small and there were 2/3 at one time which were the same. The orange dot didn't seem to be a marker, but part of their natural colour. The rest of the body was black. I didn't notice any stripes. I would say there were about 1.5cm long (approx 1/2 inch).
  5. I have been building some walls and making some steps out of bricks for the past few months. Our garden now has piles of earth and some bits have been dug back so I can lay down some bricks. This weekend when I was working I noticed some bees & wasps looking around where I was working. Mostly they were searching for a place to make a nest (buzzing around, going into any holes). One bee was particularly interest in one patch of mud on a sloped bit (near an ants nest but this is probably coincidence). This bee was small, black with an orange like dot on its back. It would stop and then look like it was digging in the ground. I kept spraying them with water to try and put them off, put down stones and earth where they wanted to land and filled any holes they went into. Anyone got any ideas if these are bees or wasps and what they want? The bit I am working on is outside our back door and the last thing I want is a nest there! I live in Hillsborough near Malin Bridge, maybe others from this area have seen similar?
  6. Hi. We have started to get orange/brown spots on our washing again (rust mark kind). Last time we got these the washing machine was on it's way out but it was also failing to wash. So we put it down to that and got a new one. But this time we are getting them again with the new machine but otherwise it is cleaning fine. The spots seem to appear this time of year and usually on light cottons. (towels etc). I'm hoping it's not the washer going again because it's just over a year old. So, has anybody else had similar with their washing in the same area as us (S6)?????? We've walked past the river a couple of times and noticed the stones and rocks have got an orange colour to them - so could it also be something in the water???
  7. I was considering having my car converted to lpg. Is there a garage you would recommend for the conversion? Is it still worth converting to lpg even with the small price increase at the budget just gone?
  8. Wow! The cheapest I have seen is in Leeds, on the ring road going towards the airport. (was £1.00 a month back). The next cheapest is on the roundabout at Markeaton in Derby. (£1.07 today) I don't know if this will be of any help to anybody.
  9. We saw on the council website that zippos is comming to Hillsborough Park in June. We checked on Zippos website itself but there wasn't any mention of Sheffield. So, we contacted them, and they confirmed it: Zippo's is not comming to Sheffield this year, possibly in 2009. We've already told our daughter (2 and a half), and she's been going on about it since. So, does anybody know if there is a circus coming to Sheffield in the summer, or one fairly close by (e.g. north of Chesterfield, or Barnsley or somewhere close???), or maybe something with circus like acts? Thanks.
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