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  1. I used to have mine cleaned in S20 until a dog poop bag split and a bit was stuck in the bottom of the bin and the cleaner told the whole street and said he couldn't clean it, so after a few choice words I cancelled and now do it myself, disposable gloves hope pipe and bleach, takes 2 minutes. I found out he was also charging private estates 50p more than council estates!
  2. I agree with you and the question to everyone on here is, If you were told by the Government you may have to to carry on working at age 65+ wouldn't you want to argue your case, teaching seems a very stressful job as Teachers have no powers to control pupils, therefore making the job even harder. I work at a Comprehensive school and have seen Teachers in tears with stress after the kids have gone home:(
  3. Has anyone been a customer or employed by a Sheffield based company called Energy Conservation Technology, not sure wether it is a trusted company or not and just wondered if there was any feedback, thanks.
  4. So sorry to hear of the attack on your beloved pet, I felt so upset and angry reading it and I really hope these dogs are traced and reported as this could easily be a young child or baby next.
  5. anyone no if marsh lane carboot on tomorrow
  6. Reason for Rehome / Sale will be working away a lot Time Scale – How Urgent?this week Sale Amount £30 Location Sheffield Age & Sex 14 months male Breed/ Mix Leopard Gecko Approximate size now and full grown size 6 inch Viv size needed 24 inch at least comes with full set and viv Micro chipped/ Breeders paperwork no Vaccinated & Wormed no Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues no Temperament/Any handling issues tame Beginners reptile, moderate or experienced only very easy to keep beginners Easy to feed yes Live/dead food ye crickets or mealworms herbivore/omnivore/carnivore/insectivore insectivore Good or Bad with Children good Dislike of Men or Women no Destructive Behaviourno General information that you can share
  7. Hope it wasn't my snoring, my husband just came in from work and said i sounded like a dinosaur cow animal type thing last night, i was snoring so loud - i live in S20......just a thought
  8. There's blue bottles every where, they lay little yellow eggs under your bin lids and with the warmth the gestation period quickens and that's why the bins are full of maggots, I tried bleach, boiling water, caustic soda, weed killer, ant powder, fly spray and the only thing that kills the maggots and deters the flies is Jeyes fluid. I keep a spray bottle of the stuff diluted next to my bin and spray at every day, seems to be doing the job. I phoned Environmental Health and they said they have had thousands of calls from people with the same problem.
  9. Is any one familiar with AMS Prestige at Barlborough? I was thinking of buying a car i'd seen and wanted any feedback wether they are a reliable business or not.
  10. I've used bleach, boiling water, salt, weed killer and they're still there climbing on my front door step! I'm going to ring Environmental Health tomorrow but I've been told they charge a call out fee for 'pests'. Don't think i'll sleep very well tonight, worrying they'll get into the house!
  11. My bin is covered in maggots outside and in, any one got any ideas how to kill them please?
  12. I really do sympathise with you i've had PF for the past year and it is complete agony. The stretch exercises do work wonders as do the insoles. It has gone as sudden as it came on so finger's crossed yours will go away.
  13. Does anyone know of a good seamstress who does alterations in S20 thanks.
  14. Not everyone is out of work through choice, please have a little respect for those who fall into that category and lets hope it never happens to you eh!....just saying
  15. Hi Maxine G ,i know you are desperate to find this kittens home, if you have to let it go to someone else please be careful they are genuine animal lovers and not just using it for dog baiting-i would love to take it in but have a dog 2 cats,a lizzard and fish tank so as you can imagine food bill for them is pretty high - I hope you get it sorted.
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