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  1. Maybe its previous tenants that there. trying to Target just a thought ... i can imagine worry your going tgrough I hate any sort of trouble x
  2. hi i do hope the owners are found if you have any trouble homing it i will happily look after it but i do hope owners are found xx
  3. omg i cant settle until you have got his poor dog out of there fair enough they have issues but its so nasty what she as done to the dog an if its council property then council would get the dog out surely cause its been left so long x
  4. i totally agree i had them in garden at a previous address they came out pretty quick an was free service ..
  5. she could have just messaged through fb if she had concerns instead of writing on here an also adding pics especially with people on the pics ..
  6. cause they have been accused of them been fighting dogs which isn't true at all an they are there personal pics not to be posted on here unless they wanted too ..
  7. couldn't agree more my friend is really upset xx
  8. It's bang out of order how op can start a thread like this you have rwally upset owner i suggest mos delete this thread the owner is very good with them dogs i have proof as they are my best mates so u need to think next time before writing evil things likethat an get the pictures off here !
  9. I find it very strange they usually would identifie them selves to kids surely that's what is makinge think its someone dodgy x
  10. I think its attempted robbery an the thugs have made out to be cid to ur sons friend the police wouldnt do that to your son or let him run off x
  11. My dad is called pete too he did markets lindley brothers my nan used to have big house up gell street .
  12. Omg i.remember days of west bar bakery my dad got his stock from there was best bakery going no bread as ever tasted as good as theres also yes was sad when Pete padeed away but his funeral had an amazing turn out x
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