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  1. After my last visit to Sheffield visiting my mum, meeting up with friends for a meal in town and ending up with a parking ticket as not realising you had to pay up to 8.30pm I shall stick to Meadowhall in future.
  2. I have told her to get advice but she says she doesn't like "causing a fuss". I've told her that she must get her doctor out if she's no better. She's going to see how she is this week!!
  3. My sister was in hospital in Chesterfield last Friday to have gallstones removed. She was sent home on Saturday. She had a nurse come to check her wound on the Sunday and to leave her some dressings and painkillers. She has had to change her dressings herself. She lives on her own. I asked her if the nurse was due back to check on her wound but she said no. She is in constant pain - I have told her to contact her GP and to get him to come out and check her but she says she doesn't want to bother him! So she is struggling along on her own. She says she will just keep taking the painkillers. Seems like there is no such thing as after care on the NHS anymore.
  4. What do you mean making a comeback - ours has never gone away :hihi:
  5. I have just watched Skint and agree it is just like Shameless. Why is it that people like this can't string a sentence together without using the "f" word or shouting. It does seem to boil down to lack of education (or I expect in most cases no education whatsoever). It really is a spiralling circle as the children will most probably have children while they are children and their children etc., etc. It also amazes me how they all have to dress the same just because they are on benefits. They just don't seem to have any pride in themselves at all. None of them have any ambition apart from thieving or going to prison - work certainly doesn't feature in their vocabulary at all.
  6. Proper Yorkshire fishcakes can be bought on the Isle of Wight!
  7. I hate it when people put "of" when they mean have and "been" for being. Although I use "text speak" when using my mobile phone, I would certainly not use it on a forum. I have noticed that a lot of people who cannot spell words correctly seem to do so because they cannot speak properly so they write words as they say them. Maybe it all goes back to the days when the governments at the time decided that phonetic spellings were the way to go and "proper" spellings didn't matter - it was thoughts that mattered!! Now we seem to have an entire generation that cannot string a sentence together either verbally or in the written word.
  8. Found this on "Google" - In 1972 Cockaynes Ltd was taken over by Schofields (Leeds) Ltd and the name of the store changed to Schofields. The store closed in November 1982. Was surprised to learn that it was 1982 it had closed - shows how time gets distorted as if anyone had asked me I would have said that the store had closed in the 70's as many other posters have said.
  9. 4 black jacks or 4 fruit salads for 1p (that's an old penny!); mum ordering her groceries every week from the local Co-op and having it delivered for free; wagon wheels that were as big as wheels; five boys chocolate bars; Fry's mint bars and fruit bars and spangles. Coffee shop at the top of Snig Hill where the BSM driving school was based and which served frothy coffee in glass cups.
  10. I'm lucky where I work. It's only a very small firm and I job share so as long as the "other half" of the job share can cover than I just TELL the boss what days I'm having off. :hihi:
  11. Did you know that not many seem to come on I'm bored these days.
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