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  1. The planning and design statement says:
  2. It's not a race but there is a Sky Ride in Sheffield in August... http://www.goskyride.com/sheffieldSkyRide
  3. It did when I came back from London last week.
  4. RichJay

    New Cinema on The Moor - Light

    You just need to look in the correct place http://www.lightcinemas.com/ourcinemas/
  5. RichJay

    John Shuttleworth last night

    Have to agree. They completely misjudged the audience with the are talk and slide show. I also can't believe the guy talking didn't notice because the background noise increased and I'm sure there was so heckling towards the end. I also thought the sound was pretty poor throughout.
  6. RichJay

    The New Moor Market

    Because there is absolutely nowhere in town where you can get a pint and something to eat! And there definitely won't be any new restaurants opening in the cinema block.
  7. It's a ban on selling alcohol for less than the cost of duty and VAT.
  8. RichJay

    NHS & Care data scheme

    Was the quote from the document saying "The Health and Social Care Information Centre will not share information about you with insurance companies or solicitors" not clear enough for you?
  9. RichJay

    NHS & Care data scheme

    You will still need to give explicit permission on a case by case basis to see identifiable information. The Health and Social Care Information Centre will also not be sharing information about you with insurance companies or solicitors. This document explains all of this and I've copied some relevant paragraphs: http://www.england.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/cd-patient-faqs.pdf
  10. RichJay

    NHS & Care data scheme

    Similar data from visits to A&E and admissions to hospital are already being used in many research projects with the aim of improving patient care. The vast majority of users of the data won't get to see your NHS number, date of birth or full postcode because these are only being used by the Health and Social Care Information Centre to link records before they are pseudonymised. Those who need access to full records (for example in a clinical trial) will need patient consent before it is given to them.
  11. RichJay

    Strike action Living Wage

    UCU, Unite and Unison
  12. RichJay

    Meadowhall xmax lights switch on 2013

  13. I was wondering how they are going to join up the routes. What's that point of a consultation if all the details aren't given?
  14. RichJay

    Whose portrait would you have on bank notes?

    Rosalind Franklin or Alan Turing

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