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  1. Mr Martin left St Johns the same year as me in 1985. Its a shame it was pulled down, used to be a bloody good school
  2. Anybody know when the christmas lights are getting switched on in city centre and whos doing it?
  3. Anybody know Mick Dyson, he lived in the Handsworth area in 1994, must be in his mid / late 60's now
  4. Does anybody else have any info about the WW1 Anti Air Craft gun site on manor lane ( not to be confused with the one on Seaton crescent which was there in WW2 ). this one faces the old farm house just down road from manor oaks farm. the second part of this gun site is a little bit further down ( ends where the 1st house is on the left hand side opposite the shops ). i was told the gun was moved to Scotland in 1917, Anyone know how many soldiers were there, when was it constructed, how long did it take to construct and why was it abandoned? mick
  5. Harold Norton was wounded at the battle of Estaires, he had reached medical care, but died of wounds on the 14th April 1918. Lijssenthoek cemetery was the location of field ambulances on the road from Ypres to Poperinghe. His older brother Lawrence Norton joined the army in 1914 his number was 20548, and he was in the York and Lancaster reg. At St Eloi, Flanders, he was wounded in the left leg by a bullet breaking his femur, on the 2nd or 22nd? sept 1915. Lawrence Norton was my great grandad mick
  6. just come across this post, would that be the same Harold Norton who was in the Machine gun corps, he was 19 when he died of his wounds? mick
  7. i remember once when i went for my hair cutting, i must have been about 14, my hair then ( still same style now ) was number 2 back and sides and a bit off top. i was talking to dougie, and i asked how short would it be if i had number 4 on top??? within a split second he had put the number 4 attachment on his shaver, did one stripe across top of my head and said " that short ". still makes me laugh now
  8. what ever happened to dougie who had the barbers shop on park hill flats? last time i went there it was about 1998
  9. Balmforth???? saying that ive come across the odd spelling mistake in these census before, ( some of my ancestors surnames were while, seen it as white on one census!!! ) frederick Bamforth is my great great great grandparent. thanks for the above info, much appreciated
  10. im trying to track down my ancestors, found them on the 1861 census, but when you look at the 1851, cant find them. the 1861 census for bamforth is mary bamforth/ widow / 51/ joseph bamforth/ son / 20 / frederick bamforth/ son / 14 / they live on bardwell road at this time, can anybody track them down on the 1851 census???? thanks mick
  11. has anybody got any pic's of barrack lane, showing the houses that used to be there? plus im wanting any info about the road during the 2nd world war. my family used to live at 24 barrack lane, one story i was told, that one night during the blitz, the front of the road was on fire and round the back, the church was on fire ( st philip's church??? )
  12. deecee, yes thanks a very interesting photo, cant seem to find many photos of martin street at all. looked in loads of books and on Internet, so far yours is the 5th pic Ive seen
  13. coltsever, thanks for that piece of history of martin street. know what you mean about the good old days
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