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  1. I suffer with headache and have tried many over the counter medicines as well as prescription meds for chronic pain. In the interim, go to the pharmacy and get some 400mg ibruprofen (can only get them over the counter). Drink plenty as dehydration can make it a hell of a lot worse. If you still have it, then you need to go see the doc. I understand how unpleasant it is to have a headache, I've had them that have lasted weeks before. Hope it goes away soon!
  2. I know this must sound like a rant as well and I believe it or not I do have a lot of respect for the older generation .... however, one thing always gets me and that is why do old people insist on getting on the "commuter" buses / trains etc.? I remember many a time the bus to college going past and not stopping as it was full of oldies off to town to get their shopping. Take it easy, have a lie in!!!!!!!
  3. Have to agree, Linacre is a beautiful place. I used to go on a walk there almost every Sunday with my grandad. We would have a walk there in the morning and come back and my Nan would have cooked our Sunday lunch - it was fantastic. Good times. Oh, and Willman, Three Merry Lads - good choice!
  4. Yes, I did have a nice CD player and the front was off but they broke in anyway and searched my car for the front bit, which to my own stupidity was tucked away under one of the seats (it was clearly out of view though).
  5. My car is fairly new yes, and it's a nice sportly little clio. It was in a car park at victoria quays. I've parked there for years now so I will still be parking there but I just thought I would make people aware that the thieves are on the prowl. They are probably looking for a little extra cash for Christmas. Most of us have to work for that though.
  6. Thursday evening after work, going to my car as usual, open the door and see the passenger window is smashed in to my car and my radio gone. Seriously not impressed. Just beware and don't leave anything in your car at all. The theiving louts will try and get their mucky mits on anything. Apparently the guys that did my car over were trying door handles in the car park too. They are only young lads that did it as well; probably about 16-17.
  7. I was actually talking to weeni ... sorry, was i talking to you? no, i don't think so.
  8. i totally agree weeni! <--- was most gutted when he mentioned his g/f! some people are so narrow minded. i thought the asbo visuals were good ... made me giggle. i must have only been a couple of rows behind you actually. i was about 7 from the front.
  9. Minimimch - you obviously haven't listened to all of jamie's stuff as you would then know that not everything he does is all about jazz. As weenireeni says, if you weren't there, why are you wasting time and energy to comment? Just because you don't like him doesn't mean to say that everyone else has to follow suit. I think he's fantastic and his concert was electric and I would go again tonight if I could. Sorry but I couldn't resist having my two-penneth!
  10. I was there. I went to see him last year as well. He was absolutely fantastic. Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed it. I really enjoyed Beady Belle as well. What a fantastic singer Beate is.
  11. Hi Guys, I am a secretary in a large commercial firm who is looking for an extra income for the upcoming festive period. I have a lot of experience with all MS Office products and ideally would be looking for home typing work etc. I have my own PC and broadband etc. If anyone knows of anything that would be suitable, I would be most appreciative of any replies. PM me with any info. Thanks! Nicole
  12. Which room do you go in then if they play the stuff you hear in the charts? I dont hear much twisted disco on the radio ... hmmm
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