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  1. They have put 11mins. it was from 16:08:29 - 16:20:02. That was the time taken to get little on in the car back in his seat.
  2. Unfortunately it was sent via post. Yes it is a speculative invoice lol.
  3. Hello All, Thought i would add to this. My wife mistakenly parked in Chap WMC carpark for 11mins. Mistake made fair enough but then getting a fine for £100 from parking eye is disgusting. Is Pepipoo the correct way to fight it or is there anyone that can fight it on your behalf? Thanks.
  4. May be worth speaking to Number Crunchers. They sort all my accounting/VAT Reg things out. I use Sage One Online through them so if you do need any help you can contact Sage or speak to Number Crunchers. Zaff - ZMir Limited
  5. Depending on what you are looking for. I have used Fiverr for things like this.
  6. I get my gloves from F-Line. Fordy who runs it has got some great quality gloves. Zaff
  7. Sounds like a guy who rebuilt his. Him and his daughter rebuilt one from scratch. Looked absolutely stunning. He said it had the original 2.25 petrol engine with about 12bhp lol. I may get a defender one day. 90 or a 110 with a lift kit and some mud plugger tyres or even a Bobtail lol. Zaff
  8. I'm sure you've misread it pal. My question was has anyone used the above. The guy replied his FIL uses them so that means they have 1 customer at the bare min. I only asked what car as i wasnt sure if they were more geared towards defenders etc. Seen quite a few Shoguns with the DLS cover on the back. Heard of Cavendish before but when your avg mpg is just about hitting double figures its not worth the drive haha. Plus i dont have the time to travel 1hr for jobs to be done. Zaff ---------- Post added 07-09-2016 at 09:06 ---------- Ive just bought a Range Rover 4.2 Supercharged :-) We had a P38 2.5DSE which we owned for 3years. Series 2a. What engine is in that? 2.25?
  9. Thanks for all the replies. I will give them a call this week. Used Doug a few times before he passed away fory old P38. Thanks Again, Zaff
  10. If you don't mind me asking what does he drive matey? Zaff
  11. Heyup Everyone, Looking at someone to sort rear brake pipes on my L322 Range Rover. Looking for a decent garage who knows what they are doing on these beasts. I live up S35 so anywhere near this will be appreciated. Zaff
  12. Same boat and I went with number crunchers. Very helpful and can't recommend them enough. Zaff
  13. Easy enough in Hindsight but regarding any bonuses payment of work etc make sure its written down. Im no expert but i think if there is no contract in place then you have more rights than your employer. I would firstly make sure you get all of your belongings before you leave so anything from home etc. Then just leave. As soon as you recieve your next wage just up and leave at that point. You cant work in that situation. Also start looking for a job immediately. Go contracting etc. If you are good at your job make sure you take proof away with you. I am unsure of whether its design based etc but make sure you have copies of your plans/designs etc. Zaff Also Good Luck with whatever you do. Make the best decision for you.
  14. If it helps. I do the IT Support for the company and the times I have been to their premises they have been very nice to myself. Not needed to do anything to the house as of yet but i wouldnt hesitate to get them to do the job. Zaff
  15. A decent mechanic is worth travelling for no offence to the above.
  16. Hey Up Peepz, Is there any sort of American Car Meet that goes on in Sheffield? I am not *really* into old skool UK cars but i can appreciate them if you know what i mean. I am planning to make the motor nutz meet at some point but i was just wondering. Cheerz Zaff
  17. What sort of coaching? I would like to hear more..
  18. How much does it cost matey? i would love to go.
  19. I know Frecheville are looking for players to play on saturdays if anyone is interested. Play in Windsor Food Service league Premier and B Side play in 2nd Division. Either reply back to this thread or drop me a PM if Interested Zaff
  20. I got a letter from yourselves the other week and it said 35min matches. Is this correct? Personally Prefer it to be a longer match than just 35mins. Zaff
  21. Paintballing take about an extra £40-£50 if your going for the full day. Paintball may shoot at whatever mph they say but its still not accurate enough due to wind etc. What a game though but trust me you will need approx 1000 paintballs. No way 100 will suffice. Zaff
  22. Is there anywhere that i can get my name and number on my football top embroidered (sp) or sewn in as opposed to printed as with the amount of football i play its starting to peel off. Cheerz in Advance Zaff
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