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  1. i have signed up to phoobucket so wen i get home n get some ime i will post some pics of the culprits lol Zaff
  2. Not really bothered pal just thought i would set a few things straight lol Cheerz though
  3. Big thanks to EVERYONE that helped. We found them earlier at NGH at about 17:45 but because of the mad rush and me then having to go play footie I couldnt let you people know that we did manage to get them back lol and apparently they had a really good time running through the park lol etc. They were found at the NGH just messing about lol. I have asked so many people today if theyve seen them its untrue but thankfully there home. A couple of things i will say just to put a few things straight. 1 - When i first posted the thread i was in a rush panicking to find where my dogs were as i was in my van looking frantically for them so apologies if my terminology, punctuation was wrong etc but like i said it was a quick thought to put it on the forum to see if anyone had seen them or knows where they were etc I also posted it from my mobile. 2 - They are fenced in by 7ft high fence but because someone left the gate not wide open but just unlocked (Not me lol) they managed to paw it open lol (these are after all Houdini of the dog world lol) and within 30secs of checking the house they were gone. 3 - They are microchipped and no we dont let them off the lead unless its enclosed or theres alot of us in a safe space as we know these dogs have such a high prey drive they will go and not stop until theyve got what they was after. Cheerz again for all the help, Regards, Zaff and Family.
  4. 2 huskies mya and jet 1 is blak nd white wit blue yes and the other is white nd grey with brown eyes. if youve seen them about please call me on 07828930371 cheerz Zaff please call as they are part of the family and how they got out just gutted so plz help
  5. He's not really any good tbh. He couldnt even play in net properly Zaff Just Jokin btw lol
  6. Alryt pal its Zaff you still wanting me and Marc to come down?
  7. possibly pal. I played for Ecco 147 last seaon in prem. not really wanting 2 drop down a league but im not sure whats happenin atm. If needs be i will let u kno. Zaff
  8. As said in earlier thread I was looking for a new team on saturdays and i have got some trials now but i am also looking for a new team on sundays as well. Anyone looking to give a 21yr old GK a trial i played in Blades Superdraw Prem last season with team that finished 3rd. I conceded more than i should have but this was down to a few injuries i got after xmas. As doing ligaments in your hand and a back injury does not help playing in the net. I am working on my fitness and i am free of injuries so anyone willing to give me a chance please get in contact. Any league better or same standard as Blades Superdraw Prem is preferred. Cheerz Zaff
  9. Yeah it was all looking good but a few players decided to drop out and i think a few money problems here and there so they thought forget it so we all are moving on, and im looking as well so we'll see what happens. Zaff
  10. Wharncliffe im sad to say are no more so im lookin for a new team either in a higher league or same not sure as of yet but hopin to go to some trials etc. Workin on my fitness over pre season but ova than that, thats bout it.
  11. Goalkeeper looking for a new Saturday team been playing in SY Amateur Premier with Wharncliffe f.c finished 2nd in league conceded 26 in season 3 less than 1st place this made me the lowest conceding GK in league. Cheerz Zaff
  12. Ive been playing in Imperial Premier on Sundays and SY Amateur Saturdays but i want to test myself and get better so is there any teams that would give me chance or in need of 1? Any trial is welcome Cheerz
  13. do you train on bank hols? wen does training start? bcoz i was wonderin if i could come down and see how it goes. Zaff
  14. i am a gk who is lookin to play on saturdays where do you train n wheres your home pitch? have you got any times for next season? Zaff
  15. Do you need a GK? and what days/times do you train and play?
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