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  1. fleetwood was popes the hardwear shop there befor petnicks second hand shop
  2. The 47 An 48 Want To Look At The Back Of The Bus It Says Every 6 Min I Was Waiting On Bellhouse Road For One To Town 30 Min An A Chap Was There Befor Me An He Said Been Waiting 40
  3. Nettie Might Treat Terry To A Few Pints Lol
  4. it could be the heat our dog is the same so we have put a fan on the floor so he is get in a breez
  5. my sister in law worked at the highway her name was pat holliday befor she got married she lived on fox street
  6. ho dommi they live in the new houses the prefabs was pulled down netties brother might the number they live at thats if terry an linda lives on margate drive
  7. my bills was like that so i sked for a payment meter fited i pay for wot we use i find it works out ok
  8. there is a shop on the gallery nr the market that sells them
  9. hi nettie thanks it was curly halls sister i went to school with
  10. nettie did judith hall have a sister called lynne
  11. ivandarrell they did then moved on to margate drive mr worship was on the commite at grimesthorpe club with dad
  12. hi you have not said when you are getting married look at the offers at morrisons an places like that and j t f does not sell booze
  13. hi pigeon linda worship lived on margate drive her brothers was steven alan and carl her mum an dad still live there
  14. there is a bike shop at sheffield lane top
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