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  1. Shall i give you the bullet now ? so you can do the decent thing ??? :hihi:
  2. gulp !!! So bloody close to the community that she was seen pining from the windows "daily mirror before you start" and who were these people that saw her pining for help through the windows then ??? Have they been arrested for witholding evidence then ?? think not By the way the thumb has been changed to the middle finger :suspect:
  3. I was the strange ugly duckling at school and i have never looked back on the nasty vindictive bigger than you more mates than you, sort of gits, that put you down at every chance that they get because it makes the D***H**** look a bit harder ???? You are growing up love, learn to deal with idiots and dont worry about the future !! it deals with itself.. :D You are you an thats it!!! innit ?????
  4. Honestly !! i expected more from the Lestoh ish one Wheres all the pikkies Jabbers :D :hihi: Have you done with the telescope yet ?? just askin like
  5. Sorry just picked this thread up on the tail end ?? " ARE YOU ALL MENTAL ????? For gods sake Do moggies dream ??? GET STUFFED !! Have you been drinking too much ?? How on this earth or fullers is anyone going to be able to prove that moggies dream ??? Give em an EEG ???? what a load of complete cat loving TOSH HMMMMMMMMM
  6. Think it all boils down to,,, You soon find out who your friends are love you are gonna get stories told rumours started and people that just hate you because they can and maybe they are just a bit jealous ??? Rise above it like the millions before you and hold your head high no matter what !!! Thats growing up love Most of us old gits on here went through the same at school and even colledge but if you stick your chin out they soon tire of slapping it now thats real help from someone that went through the same Dont let your character down :)
  7. Avoid it at all costs yer mucky boogers Are you being all pervy :D Who is gonna be the first to say "Have it bee itch ???? :gag:
  8. allways allways carry12 traffic cones (the little ones) and a lump hammer with you ?? Drive past the drop off and park on the opposite side of the road to the drop ? Run accross the road with the cones and cone off an area big enough for your wagon (helps if you nick police no parking cones ) then go round the block again and return to find traffic wardens dishing tickets out left right and center and cars leaving by the dozen an then you nip in put yer hazards on and tell em you have broke down If anyone argues with you get out the lump hammer :) sheffield city centre is easy to park when compared to the championship just missed outers (leeds) :hihi:
  9. Dont think the op mentioned anything wrong wiith islam ?? just seamless !! :D
  10. OOOOOOOOOOO GET HER ????? banned :hihi::hihi:
  11. Anyone else hear the revalation that we are about to be hit with "Monsoon" type rain of up to 3 inches in half an hour ???? later on tonight or early morning ?? Winn Gardens had better take cover then anyone wanna buy some sandbags ??? :suspect:
  12. Head for the hills people !!! BBC RADIO SHEFFIELD reckons we are in for a MONSOON ????? ey now that may be fun ?? Are we gonna get rain forest up ecclesall valley an rivelin next ??? parrots and birds of paradise flying over the skyline of sheffo ??? The Sky is falling ?????? pfffft !! got a boat anyway :hihi:
  13. I have the pictures stored on the hard drive for a rainy day :hihi: Oh yes !! you are now rocking with the best ;) :hihi:
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