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  1. Okay i found it on your link El Robbo.
  2. No dancing squirrel on here!
  3. The product i bought was frozen. I asked for a pack of mini muffins over the bakery counter as i couldn't see any out on the shelves and when she passed them to me she replied with "they are still frozen." Didn't know this thread had already been done. (Sorry Mods) But on that note i have now also learn't that their bread isn't fresh too, may re-consider my Supermarket.
  4. All the advertising that Morrison's do, This thing about their in store High Street with their Butcher's, Bakery etc... Freshly baked! I think not!. I bought some mini muffins from the Bakery department thinking they are baked in store and fresh, well there not. They were frozen, God only knows how long they are left in the freezer, then brought out to defrost, then a sticker placed on the container with that days date. Anybody else think this is false advertising and misleading customer, I personally think it's wrong. I dont appreciate buying what I think is Fresh Food, to know it's already been frozen. This to me isn't fresh.
  5. the kids have gone to bed.
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