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  1. You can add Plasticiser to your own mix to make it weather and damp proof.
  2. My answer to this is BAN all School uniforms...What's the point of them anyway? Let Kids be kids and let them dress how they wan't to. Problem solved.
  3. When singing meant actually singing into a Microphone.
  4. As far as I know Wards Brewery got their water Direct from the river Sheaf...Or used to.?
  5. Why don't YOU go and ask them then?...See what THEY say? I am far from deluded or arrogant or self-important. But when parking My Rolls..I need a big space and i need it to be free of parking charges.
  6. Depends on WHAT car you drive into town. One of My cars has next to ZERO emissions...!
  7. Think yourselves 'Lucky'...One of these days it won't be mere stones that are thrown at your car.!
  8. Call me a stick in the mud and whatever you like...I simply will not be cornered into paying car parking charges. Businesses in the City will NOT get my money. Take the Bus one said?.. Costs more...and Yeah, pollute the city with yet MORE Diesel fumes to boot? No ta.
  9. Well i'm a parent of 2 strapping lads...Not from said area but just the same.. I have zero idea where they are or what they are up to at the moment.. and that is none of my business..!
  10. Thank you for all your great comments. Especially from 'SadBrewer'. Wards Sheffield Best Bitter was an acquired taste..Granted. It was a fine malt ale and your body did react to it. Once you were used to it, it was a great drink and it is sorely missed. I actually preferred it out of the Can. ! It's a tragedy what has happened to OUR breweries. My mum used to push me past Whitbreads near to lady's bridge, in me Pram...just to get me used to the whiff of me dad coming home from work.!! Another name has cropped up...Re-Wards. A Mr James Evans...He was the main brewery foreman around the 1980-1990's..? i also think his father worked there? Thanks again fellas.../ Ladies. I don't know who is female here..! (Admin...Can something be added to a persons profile showing that they are Mail or Felmale?).. Or would that be Politically Correct... not a good idea?
  11. Wards Brewery was a prominent Brewery in Sheffield. Were You or do you know anyone that was an employee who worked there? Share your Stories here.
  12. It's an awful shame what has happened to OUR City...Sheffield. What can be done about it? Not a lot really. The heritage of our City is long gone. The Steel industry here is all but remnant. We have good rail links and we are Central to most other Northern Cities. But, alas...that's something for the future. Not the hear and now. I as I have said before on other threads...If there was FREE PARKING (Only for Shoppers)..then things might be different. When purchasing something... I have to include all costs. I can buy ONLINE with Free Postage something that would cost me MORE by having to pay PARKING CHARGES. I'd love to have a good 2 or 3 hour wander around OUR City and spend a few quid. But I am not willing to pay around £6.00 for the privilege.!
  13. Good...Bronze or Steel would be better though old boy.
  14. I would find it amusing if a Norton Hammer came down on the head of the person that resurrect a Month old thread.
  15. Thanks for the replies folks great stuff. That's another thing, How the hell did Mexborough come to have an 'S' post code?...And some parts of Rotherham and Barnsley are absolutely Miles away... but still have an 'S' Prefix...!! What's that all about?
  16. Thank you Simon. I have a very good sense of humour and it often shows. I guess it's a generation thing, i was born in 1965. Younger folks these days seem to lack any kind of sense of humour. I can see funny things in just about any situation. Gets me into trouble sometimes but hey...! A sad fact is that today's comedians are just not funny.! Iv'e sat through an hour of "Live at the Apollo" and I didn't ever raise a grin.! I guess a lot of it is down to P.C. But saying that, Les Dawson was very funny and to my knowledge was never racist or ever swore.!!
  17. A picture can paint a thousand words. Admirable that the house in the grasp of the Claw is sporting a StGeorge Flag.! The house to the right says.."Nowt to do wi me mukka"...! The House on the far left...Looks on in disbelief..! All the little houses below are screaming..."What's happening Whats happening...we cant see a thing...!
  18. Do you have any idea or are you just Trolling?
  19. Hmm...Why is S6 so far away from S 7.? S6 should be closer to S 7...Surely?
  20. That would be a Valid Point...But ...Where are these "Workers" you talk of.. actually going to work?.. Apart from the few shops in the City that are open for business. Not all of those people have cars. 95% of the workers in Sheffield City centre get there by Tram.
  21. Logically yes...What other way is there?
  22. Sheffield post codes Do Not associate with each other...WHY? Example. S6...Hillsborough....S7 Millhouses... Why the BIG jump?.
  23. THIS...Has intrigued ME...Why the hell would anyone be glad they had a car Sorned when damaged? OP please explain. Why was it a good Job?..
  24. The abolition of parking charges in the city centre. It's ridiculous. I, us, everyone I know.. would shop WAY more in the Centre, if it wasn't for car parking charges.!
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