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  1. I know this may seem obvious, but have you tried cleaning the contacts on the SD card? And have you tried it in a different computer? I have a 10 year old 4GB SD card and everything is still on it and it works perfectly.! (I have never heard of an SD card 'Wearing out'.) Another thing that can cause problems are magnets. Has your SD card been stored near anything magnetic? Failing that....This article will be of great help to you. (Just click on the Link below.) https://iboysoft.com/data-recovery/raw-drive-recovery/fix-and-recover-corrupted-and-unreadable-sd-memory-card.html Let us know how you get on.
  2. I never Misspelled Anything.! I knew what I voted for 3 YEARS AGO..... And so did countless others.! We don't need 3 years to 'THINK' about it.
  3. Quick Q... Why wasn't our EXIT from the EU Immediate? A. So the other side could take YEARS and YEARS.... to try and change our minds.! Beyond a joke. and to hoof with Democracy...What Democracy?
  4. Nah...it doesn't work like that. He didn't 'Slate' anything... Never Mind an entire area.! Get over yourself.
  5. There isn't one. Well not as far as I know.! If I could get my hands on all the original ingredients, the Malt, the Hops (Mainly).... i could muster a Brew. But then again...I'm not sure if the 'malt' or the 'Hops' are still produced or available..? 'Rickards Hops' and 'pauls' malt from York... Ring any Bells?
  6. He wasn't Fear mongering. He stated his 'View'... Totally different. Personally speaking, i'm not afraid to go there but there is little reason to these days.! Most of the the pubs have been closed down and the folk that drank in them have long gone too. It's an okay place to get a kebab or some fried chicken i guess? Or for the peasant's to pawn their late mothers silver..!!
  7. Fair enough. Just hope that YOU are in a position better than there's ...and that you can live happily ever after. You won't. Trust ME...You won't.
  8. Weren't we ALL such capable and resilient folk....until we were shackled by Governments and Councils who took over OUR lands and made them there's and CHARGED us live on said FREE LAND?
  9. If Truth be told...No one should be 'Homeless'. No one can just chop down a tree and build their own home these days.! But it's okay to have a RECENTLY MADE OAK SIDEBOARD in your posh house... Why is that?
  10. It looks interesting and seems there is some money being spent on the place of late. (About time, it's a fantastic building.) Iv'e seen a sign saying 'Car Boot'....Do they ever do a car boot sale there ?
  11. If you go back far enough your OWN Family will have done a similar thing. Contrary to popular belief...Human's were not meant to be couped up in little boxes called 'Houses'.!
  12. Since when has your OWN DRIVE been out of sight? Come on.... The guy has his bike on HIS OWN DRIVE....Doesn't expect to get it stolen from there..! Left unsecured in a supermarket car park perhaps, but on your OWN DRIVE? Brazen thieve's these days. What happen's when the cop's have got the WRONG info and ram an INNOCENT biker off the road and kill him/Her.?
  13. HAH...Sheffield missed out years ago..... Sheffield Streets and Buildings used to look like, what they have in YORK ... Damn them who took away our heritage. (Sheffield Council.)!
  14. Horrible that this has happened. I have 2 Motorbikes and 2 cars. I live in s6..... I keep my motorbikes 'INSIDE' the house...It's a bluddy pain...Having Motorcycles in your living room and Kitchen.. But i have piece of mind.!
  15. I do not own the rights to that Video... What I meant to say was I DO NOT own the rights to that Video. That's why if you search for this video on Youtube NOW...I't will not be available. Apologies. My bad. The life and times of some Sheffield folk, are very secretive..! PM..Me...I will supply you with a FULL MP4 copy.
  16. Here's the Video again...I own all the rights. It wont be available for long.!!
  17. Fair comment...The Grist of it got the bitter of Me..!
  18. I sorted it... Here's one for you..!!
  19. After the 'Fourth' time?... So the first three were okay then... Stop complaining you light weight..!
  20. You can see the river on 'Google Earth'...Right behind the Brewery 'Tower'.. I do not know how to show that image here.!
  21. Fair enough. What's that river called that runs DIRECTLY through the REAR of Ward's brewery..? It's called the river Sheaf. https://www.google.com/search?sxsrf=ACYBGNTF4w8mkPcKLqDxLiHSMVqY-meK6w:1568394665796&q=River+Sheaf&stick=H4sIAAAAAAAAAONgVeLUz9U3MCxOKckwksjJLC5RyE9TKM5ITUvLTM1JUSjKLEstKj7FiFAFY5tZFCXD2GUWhWlQtnFyToEFgp1rBGUnlZlVwPQaJVsYw9Snm5WXWULZyUU5hgZQdoqpaVkKXDy7suIUIxfEzKyqDFMoxzTZ2LKsEqrKtCQvpxgqYVRYWZkB02KSXFRlngWzuyK3IPsR41NGboGXP-4JS91mnLTm5DXGK4xcAj75-cWpOZVBqTmJJakpIflCRlxsrnklmSWVQlJcPFIcIO255qbpGgxSXFxwnhSPEhdvVMBFedFz6-T_C3UzcnEHp5aE5Pvmp2SmVQrVCFVxcfqm5iYBg9E_TciGi8s5PycnNbkkMz9PSI9LTEpIPxkuoA8JbqAFIlxYxJX0jXQvPbu9kVWdiw0iAnGUWXJegRYbB4sAowSjqfxOTXsrqDTPIlYB9LgEAPctKtXzAQAA&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiXo7C3pc7kAhVmRxUIHUGYBLEQ-BYIMDAd&sxsrf=ACYBGNTF4w8mkPcKLqDxLiHSMVqY-meK6w:1568394665796&cshid=1568394937804225&biw=1335&bih=581 The River Sheaf in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, flows northwards, past Dore, through Abbeydale and north of Heeley. It then passes into a culvert, through which it flows under the centre of Sheffield before joining the River Don. On it's way there it passes RIGHT by Ward's brewery.
  22. NO..Just...NO. There is absolutely ZERO need for a School uniform... Never mind 'Designer gear'. ... If there wasn't a Uniform in the First place....Then all would be well. Some prominent folks went from ' Rags to riches'..
  23. Ain't got none of what? Fairy is for washing up.... laddy..
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