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  1. Thank you for that. A wonderful and very knowledgeable insight form you. (Very sad... I know what has happened kiddo...!) Some great things have been lost...This was a Monumental loss. We have no choice but to pick up and move on kiddo. All the very best fella...Many regards and Thank you.
  2. Best advice?....Get a BIG dog...Burglars hate big dogs.!
  3. load of <removed> A small amount Either way makes little difference apart from Helping.! A bit of Diesel in Petrol will actually help...A bit of Petrol in Diesel will help. That's all about Lubrication.
  4. Thank you.. Yes I know...I have lived in s6 for 20 years...! It was a JET petrol Station. I want to buy the land. Edit...( I Would like to buy the land..)...Manners ...! Wan't don't get....My Bad..!
  5. WOW...Me along with a few others never knew that..!.. What Chain? How come you knew?
  6. It's very easy to sell unwanted Furniture. Paint it BLACK...And put it on eBay... There are plenty of folks out there who love that kinda stuff..
  7. Does anyone here know who owns the Vacant land at the bottom of Springvale Rd? Bang opposite the Springvale pub to the right across the road...on the Corner...Just off the MAIN road Commonside. Thank you..
  8. March 1982' I was Learning to drive at the time..In the middle of town.. thick with snow. This came on the radio. Iv'e never heard it played on the radio since...I wonder why?
  9. Haunting song and an incredible performance from 'Neil Reid'.
  10. Another comment I find very funny (I have a very broad sense of humour..!) What do you do with them once caught in 'said ( Once owned) perspex catcher? Do keep up Dear...See post #150
  11. No Mel....THIS is the one you want.! I choked on me beer at this.... it's so funny...
  12. The guy isn't talking about 'Sides'...Mel. If any Money is to be made...It will be by the Elite, as usual. Nothing changes...But Everything Changes.
  13. Since some of my posts have been deleted by Admin on another Thread! This is mainly for 'Ontarian' .... And anyone else who may be interested.
  14. Now THAT made me chuckle. (Apart from chucking them into the fish pond.!!) House spiders are harmless and are a good way to keep 'Flying insects' like Flies under control. An old saying..."If you want to live and Thrive, leave the spider alive...
  15. I remember going to my Grand parents back in the early 70's. They were absolutely loaded but insisted on keeping an 'Outside Loo' and the toilet paper was neatly cut squares of newspaper hung on a piece of string.! We hated going...But it was a chore we had to endure. The christmas presents were awful, a second hand book wrapped in glossy xmas paper..!! We stayed over one time and to keep us warm in bed we were given a HOUSE BRICK (that had been warmed up in the kitchen coal fire).. covered in a very thick sock .,! No modern fandangled hot water bottles here lad..! Fond memories though.
  16. I personally thought this video and music was great.
  17. Dave Allen...A comedy Genius. ( This is actually a very serious dig at theology.)
  18. Catcliffe is fine...For now... !! it still does suffer badly though. But it needs a few days of torrential rain...Not just a few hours worth.
  19. I would also say mid 60's...Yes that's an Austin A35 van. You have to laugh at some of the 'Overtakes'... It appears some of them drivers were in a rush doesn't it..!!
  20. My BOLD. What the bluddy hell are you on? We will NOT step down ANYWHERE.! Quite the opposite. We will be regarded as sure footed and determined.! Not to mention we will be £350 MILLION pounds A WEEK the richer. Do the maths.
  21. Is it only ME that find this absolutely shocking? Someone is WILLING to pay a company for a lead? (That may or may not EVEN EXIST.).! Craig76. Do things the Old Fashioned way. Get some leaflets printed and shove them through as many Letter Boxes as you can. If you are good at what you do then you will soon earn a good reputation and plenty of Clients.
  22. Looking on 3 web site I can't find THAT deal... How did you get it?
  23. ...Very frustrating isn't it..! Here's a fab old clip....It includes Penistone road BEFORE all the Lights.! SKIP to around the 19 mins mark...Where they come onto the A61 at Tankersley. Past High Green and through Grenoside. When they enter 'Dee Dar land'....
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