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  1. Corybyn is well past being a PM. Age and wisdom are wasted in parliament. I'm not against the fella...all I am saying is that we need YOUTH in parliament...Not the old fuddy duddy tits of old.
  2. Whats wrong with it and what engine does it have?
  3. No. All you have done is made this and your previous post unclear and not in the remote succinct.
  4. What can i say to an argument like that, very well put Anna. You are right of course. But i still think a NEW kind of system and thinking is needed.. With a MUCH younger set of Mp's and their take on things relevant to TODAY'S society.
  5. My thoughts too...There must be a good reason. Properties in Doncaster, Rotherham are way cheaper than in Sheffield... for exactly the same spec property.! Sheffield is way too pricey for a buy to let. IMHO.
  6. Why not advertise it on here? Ebay will charge you. There is no fee to advertise and sell here..!
  7. Jeremy Corbyn is 70 years old. Do we really want a 70 year old PM? Do we really need a buffoon like Johnson? NO..! What we need is a Young PM...Someone with vitality and passion, the balls and the nerve to put the Great back into Britain.
  8. In effect You are suggesting that Corbyn plays dirty and lies through his teeth.! Corbyn is an okay fella. Not PM worthy by any means. Nor is the buffoon Johnson. The whole Gov't is a complete and utter a mess. I think it's high time we did things differently. Get rid of the lot of them and start from scratch. What we have now are Old Cronies with vastly outdated views. What we need is a Brand New system of Gov't.....With YOUNG mp's who have some foresight and are fresh to the game. Introduce an Age limit of 50 years old for all Mp's. 50 years old and your out. Okay some great minds of the over 50's are in government...but we seldom see them ACTUALLY do any good in the REAL world.
  9. Like wise...We dined outside...It was pitiful to say the least. But the view was good...;) It's a shame isn't it.!
  10. Great post @Derbytup. Love the photos. I often go out that way on my motorbike, just to get some fresh air.! I'm well used to them roads, but they can be tricky for someone who has never driven them. The Fox House pub....Is it still open?...It's been around 18 months since I was in there...Drive past it these days as last time wasn't a nice experience.! Totally changed from when I was a Kid.! (The pub NOT the roads..;) )
  11. It's Extremely easy to create 'Figures'. My advice is........... 'Don't believe all you read'.
  12. My solution would most likely get me killed...If i survived, i'd be jailed for a very long time.!
  13. The awful TRUTH about all of this...Is that THERE IS NO DEMOCRACY. Whoever gets in, things will remain pretty much the same as they are now but they WILL get worse over time. Not Improve. Folks vote for change but it never happens. Mere people against an utterly corrupt Gov't. Folks don't have enough clout to change anything. Guy Fawks had the right idea.
  14. For straight man to like this. Incredible lyrics.. Great song. My friends Mocked me for liking this...! Why?
  15. If Truth be known...It's not that 'Mind-Numbing'... Jeremy Bamber, These things happen.. It's nothing new.
  16. The BIG emphasis has to be on 'Temporary'. A Temporary ban....Yep...to help the companies try and come up with a solution to stop nearby Earthquakes. The GoV't.. Doing what they do best.
  17. Completely agree. You Have to have some sort of 'Intelligent' genes to begin with. The only problem with 'Genes' is you don't just inherit 'Intelligence' you also inherit other traits too. (And some of them are bad one's.!!.) Generally speaking, Intelligence is like energy...You can't create it OR destroy it.
  18. Funny you should say that...I had a nasty eye injury back in 2010...I attended the A+E at Halamshire...9PM at night. I was there for 8 hours before I was seen...!! In between this there were several 'Drunks' shouting and kicking off who were seen before me. How do you work that one out?
  19. Since begging IS Illegal in England and Wales. Why is nothing ever done about it.? Is it something that cant be policed or enforced?
  20. The problem with that isn't about space travel and distances. It's about how long a 'Civilisation' will last. As things are...Best guess...??...Humans won't last another 500 years on Planet Earth before we wipe each other out. The exact same goes for 'Any' of the Civilisations out there.! This is why we will Never find life elsewhere...We wipe ourselves out before we are technically capable of finding it. And Visa Versa.
  21. The awful thing here is that this shouldn't be happening at all...It's 2019 NOT 1719. What ever the excuses these folks have for the need to BEG on the streets is abhorrent and a shame. Begging should be banned. If the needy REALLY need something then they should find a legitimate way of obtaining it.( Like the rest of us have.)
  22. Do ...You want to bet?... Simmering tensions in Dore?... There is plenty of that going off in Dore..! Worse place bar Totley for these type of wars.. Something i am happy about..! Keep the wars about Hedges...Keep paying the rent for that privilege.
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