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  1. Last time I wen't past it was a Car wash...Is that still the case? and who runs it?...Out of interest..;) The px pub is scruffy?....SO It's still OPEN then?...!!
  2. Indeed....! Hmmm. I always love a comment when 'Indeed' is mentioned. Shows some class...Not something the common Riff-Raff would say...Let's say. !
  3. The biggest and No 1 Drug Dealer's are the GOV'T. They hate it when folk try to do it behind their back. There are some old songs about this. Been going on for years.
  4. Do you ever ever think to yourself of something you didn’t do, but wish you had ? NO. I suppose youve heard my wish before but its still the same. I wasted 4 years working in an office before going to train as a state registered nurse. Although my wage as a student nurse was exactly half of what I earned in an office, I never regretted it, and soon caught up moneywise when I qualified. What was your wish?, i didn't hear it. So..... what would you change ? , is there anything you regret ? Would you have done anything differently ? Married a different person ? I wouldn't change anything. I have no regrets. I wouldn't do anything differently. I have never married.! Come on now it’s nearly New Years Eve . Wish upon a Star for a laugh. See you all in the New Year. Laters you...T.C.
  5. I used to drink in So many pubs in Sheffield....had some great encounters and laughs and chats. Including Shiregreen... (Mother-in law- lived on wooly wood bottom.;)) You remember the Pubs within reach? So many I can't count. Good times padders eh..:)
  6. This....! Incredible song and performance. Never made it mainstream...Why?
  7. Well that's awful Policing given Niki-Red's Post... "The police were in attendance very quickly and told us it is a stolen car that they know has been involved in a number of crimes." Not quick enough then.
  8. Hmm...Well it's been happening ever since the Rothchild's and P.J.Morgan together invented the 'Monetary System'. The First and Biggest ponzi scheme ever invented. Take 'Money' out of the equation....What are you left with?...Goods. Goods that folk need to live. Trade goods. I give You Banana... You give Me Potato.! Quite straight forward and simple...But in Principal....You need 'Slaves'. That's where the 'Monetary system ' comes into place.
  9. Well that's a helpful comment isn't it..! What if it's raining heavily..? You need to be there kind of thing. A bicycle isn't going to cut it.!
  10. By the SAME car? Thought the Police were onto this already ? Makes no sense reading the posts about this.!
  11. Why?...It's not like you have had a few tonnes of old sofas and rubbish dumped is it.! A couple of boxes of leaflets....Come on...! They will make good fodder for the wood burner or save for a barbie come summer...
  12. Nice sentiment. While ever we live in a 'Monetary Society'... Equality will never happen. Only the rich get richer...the poorer get poorer. And the poor pay for the rich to get richer. A fantastic system.!
  13. You can't get from One side of the City to the Other without major problems. Some sort of 'fly over' is needed. Cut the city out all together. Say from Hillsbrough, i deed to get to Gleadless.. 3 miles Ish? Can take an HOUR if not more and all the hassle to boot.. That's plain ridiculous in this day and age.
  14. 2 Main things. The price of a pint and the smoking ban. The smoking ban was a fantastic coupe by the Gov't. "Hey how can we stop the working folk going out and enjoying themselves instead of being dumb?" Ban Smoking in pubs and put the price of beer up....(BUT), Introduce low cost bulk buy options of beer into supermarkets...That will shut the pubs down and force folk back into their homes... where we can control them via Media and the Internet. Worked a treat hasn't it.!
  15. This has been going on for CENTURIES...! Why do you think the Monetary System works so well... More for the Rich...Less for the poor...BUT...Make the poor pay for the rich.. That's how the National Lottery works.... Wink Wink.
  16. When does it matter what you call Fictional things something other than they are portrayed?
  17. Corbyn wasn't material...Per-se. Corbyn 20 Years ago (TODAY) would have swung it.
  18. Oh but WE DO HAVE LEVERAGE...;) No country in their right mind will go against us. WE are the 5th Richest Country in the WHOLE WORLD...! There's a damned good reason for that.
  19. I think that's an Unfair assessment of fellow members here. Anna IS as far as I see...Well informed...And so am I.
  20. Hmm...okay..! That was His Spelling ? Or was that what the spelling on the BUS? Don't answer that...i'm being facetious.
  21. And?.. Awfully sorry old chap... Have buses stopped going to Manor top? Or am I missing something completely obvious here.
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