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  1. These days....a lot of folks are way too busy on their phones. It's a fantastic distraction for a would be thieve. I see it |Every day|...Folks going up the Escalators in ASDA..Glued to their phones...Not a care about their Handbag and purse..!!! Crazy sign of the times or just carelessness?
  2. The lad has has his First Motorbike nicked while doing a Job.! That's so so bad. I feel for your lad...i really do. No consolation...But.. Sadly ...This is 2019....Cars worth 20K + are being stolen from folk's DRIVEWAYS these days...!
  3. I'm not sure what you mean by that?..Why bother with what?.
  4. Locks and keys are very far from 'Complicated'. With due respect. Locks and keys belong in a by gone age.
  5. Most (LOCAL) folk know about that road. The Bikers and Car drivers slow down...But once passed the speed camera...Different story.!
  6. Wake me up when Humans ACTUALLY alter the climate any more than NATURE has and does?. The Energy providers would be most interested to hear from you. There is a VAST difference between 'arguing the toss' and FACTS.
  7. Why don't these 'Protesters' EVER superglue themselves to the TRACKS...? When a Train is coming @ 125 MPH......BOOM...NO MORE PROTESTERS...!
  8. Agreed. i prefer not to use emoticons also. Not quite like that...But on the right track...
  9. Your small print..! Well, if you can make an opinion of ME as scathing as that... that's how much you can trust what is said On-Line. I would rather cross your palm with Gold the sooner than take it away from you. It's sad that folks get the wrong impression. That's life. Likewise..Thank goodness YOU won't be one of my employees.!
  10. My apologies. My reply was to do with If I had just ONE reason to Fire someone.!
  11. No i'm not Kenneth Williams.! By saying 'Apparently' ...Do you mean to say that the evidence against you is only an 'Indication' to the speed with which you were travelling at? Or do they have Photographic Evidence?
  12. Don't be like that.! You were Stupid. Live with that and move on.
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