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  1. Corbyn wasn't material...Per-se. Corbyn 20 Years ago (TODAY) would have swung it.
  2. Oh but WE DO HAVE LEVERAGE...;) No country in their right mind will go against us. WE are the 5th Richest Country in the WHOLE WORLD...! There's a damned good reason for that.
  3. I think that's an Unfair assessment of fellow members here. Anna IS as far as I see...Well informed...And so am I.
  4. Hmm...okay..! That was His Spelling ? Or was that what the spelling on the BUS? Don't answer that...i'm being facetious.
  5. And?.. Awfully sorry old chap... Have buses stopped going to Manor top? Or am I missing something completely obvious here.
  6. << Going to bed...head phones on...UB40...One in 10... Ha..
  7. I love this...! Is it only every 5 years you come out with this kinda stuff?
  8. So what? That's not how it works Mel. No one knows what slip went with which person.
  9. That is correct...And? Was that number PRINTED on YOUR Voting SLIP?
  10. I don't need to explain. No numbers whatsoever are written on ballot voting slips.
  11. Nope. That won't work. The ONLY credible way that 'Could' work is via DNA association.
  12. What?... How can a piece of paper be matched to a specific voter?..
  13. Wrong time of year....why don't you wait until spring and D.I.Y.? It's a nice easy job to do and is very rewarding if you do it yourself. Iv'e done it on most cars that I have owned and I have enjoyed every minute of doing it. All you need is a bit of patience, some good quality sand paper/Wire Brushes/ etc. and a bit of L-Bow grease. If you want to DIY this time of year you can remove one wheel at a time and bring it indoors to do it. Providing the Missus doesn't mind an alloy wheel on the kitchen table?..!
  14. Imagine this in 1942... Ok we'll buy the drink... but we need a bigger SUB...!!
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