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  1. Fantastic that 'ASH ' has taken the time to upload these video's... Well done fella. If not useful to the OP these are appreciated none the less.
  2. Well...having PUBLIC access to the cameras was a bit daft in reality. Think about it.!
  3. Horrible for those of us who live alone like |Me|.. Just to get the Basics from the shop is now impossible. Newspaper cut into squares hanged on a piece of rope...Oh the good old times...! Having an INSIDE bog is a bonus though...Ha!.
  4. I like a drink too. ! Does it have to be from a pub?...Not with me. Premier shops are well stocked with cans and bottles of wine etc. Forget the Local supermarkets....The shelves are stripped.!
  5. Agreed...But don't be like that...Especially at a time like this.
  6. I'm not on Facebook or any other Social Media site. I could happily live without the internet forever.!
  7. Haha..One thing US Sheffields are good at is laughing in the face of adversary.
  8. I can live with what TECH I have for many years to come.
  9. Re-imagine the 1969 Film 'Italian Job'.....But THIS time there are BOG rolls instead of gold bars in the coach hanging off the cliff..
  10. I would say CHINA and it's allowance to there folk eating BATS / STRAY DOGS and the like, should be WHOLLY accountable. I for one, amongst many others, will NOT buy ANYTHING from or made in China. Eating BAT'S for christ sake...! It was only a matter of time something like this would happen.
  11. Your loss is absolutely down to your own stupidity. Why sell your car MID month? It's folks like YOU that are making the GOV'T money. When selling a car that IS taxed, sell it at the END of the month. Problem solved.
  12. Oh yes it DOES. It's £20.00. And you have to provide an UP TO DATE photo. Also you need to Re-new your driving licence EVERY 10 years. (Another £20.00. FEE.) If you don't re-new your licence your Insurance is Invalid in the event of a claim. Be-aware of the FACTS before you post such claims.
  13. Waffle on all you like....But WE don't like it.! I'm all for change and innovation...That's not what has happened on the Moor. It's been obliterated. Folks living round the moor isn't a good thing IMHO.
  14. I agree with a lot of what 'avalunche' has said. The Moor is certainly no where near as nice as it was years ago. Very odd place to put a Cinema.! The market is awful..! Tragic what happened to RedGates. I have very fond memories of that store. Similarly 'Beaties' model shop on pinstone St. A sad loss to the town centre.
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