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  1. A Big Thank you to all who have replied. Interesting stuff. I have been quoted £50.00 to have the wheel polished. (Stainless Finishing services and wheel clinic. Foley Street, sheff.). They will polish the wheel rim and inner rim...but not get to the Inner section between the spokes. Fair enough i suppose, and as suggested i could lacquer it to stop it going off again. I can buy a new rim for around £80.00..But then i'd have to strip the old wheel and have it all re-spoked and 'Trued', which in the end is way more hassle and cost.! A brand new rear wheel direct from Suzuki is £ 475.00..!! I'll give those a ring who have been suggested here and take it from there. Thanks again chaps.
  2. I don'n mean to be abrupt...But can you help me with this...|Or are we just having a chit chat about Metalurgy..?|
  3. It's not that bad...About 1mm...at most. But it makes the wheel look horrid.
  4. I can't add an image here... Crazy stuff.. I wish i could show you the image.
  5. Yes i agree...But the wheel is VERY pitted...How far do you have to go to get a Mirror finish>?
  6. I wear a 1980's Casio AE-1200WH. Great old LCD and has served me well to this day...Folks ask me whats that on your wrist?.. We have a good convo.. Unlike wearing the Brietling.. When no one asks you anything. ! I loved what you said a bout shoes though... BUT...Did you ever see that Film..." Shawshank Redemption"..;) 'No one looks at folks shoes'....
  7. I'm after Re-Chroming a motorcycle wheel that has seen better days. It'a not a steel Wheel...It' s Aluminium....! The Chrome has long since gone.. I'd like to replace it. Anyone in Sheff offers this service? Cheers..
  8. How is it in Opposition to British Value?. Please... Explain before making accusations. You are also accusing members of this forum to be members of the 'Illuminati'...Which I personally think is out of order. (Although...I am A Senior Member of said Cult..)
  9. A huge part of this is down to 'Religion'. The sooner folks wake up to the fact that there IS NO GOD and there NEVER was ANY GOD or GODS...the better. Moreover...folks are using Religious beliefs as excuses to do or not to do... what ever they please.! When ever will this madness be stopped? Or at least be seen for what it really is...Nothing more than a 'Belief'.
  10. Builder's BUILD things for a Living. (Think about that?) Lime Mortar is no more expensive than regular Sand and Cement. Lime Mortar is NOT required for Re-Pointing and there is no proof that Lime Mortar lasts longer than regular sand and cement. On the contrary..Lime mortar is not as strong as a firm mix of sand and cement. (Sand 60% 40% Cement). With Additives (that were not available in past times) to ensure a good and secure bond that will outlive the whole house.!
  11. I'm not scared of loud bangs..i love that kind of thing..! I understand it's scary for kids / animals/ elderly though.! What surprised me was the roar of Engines afterwards...They weren't your average stock cars...They sounded like V8's to me.!
  12. Sand and Cement is all that is needed to re-point. Nothing more Nothing less.
  13. Correct... It's out of 'OUR' hands...! What can we do about it?...Fwek all...!
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