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  1. I'd say some sort of investor too..! But all the houses are laying empty. Especially in S6..(Walkley). Someone IS buying the properties,..They always sell....But they can't seem to get someone to rent? Old Houses with High Ceilings...Cost a fortune to keep warm.... That's my best guess...!
  2. When do gritters Grit.!? Iv'e only ever seen the gritters out in S6 late evening. Very rare to see a gritter here before 9PM and even more rare very early in the morning.!
  3. Time to get your costume on then innit..? Sorry.....Only joking. !
  4. I'ts just a bit of wind and rain...Why all the panic?.. Feeling the wrath of nature...I embrace it. Could be a lot worse.
  5. jingoistic symbolism. Not something you hear every day or indeed see written...! I'm not entirely sure what it means...But I like it.!
  6. That's actually a valid point. ! I sometimes make a u-turn where there are no signs that say that you Can't. Langsett road is one of them.
  7. I agree with that to some extent...But put 'Yourself' in their situation... The relief outweighs the Danger....So to speak..
  8. Fair comment. But in an Ideal world...There would be no use for such drugs.
  9. Now hold on just a moment. Is it really a 'Self Inflicted' condition?.. Think hard about that. What our government has done to some sectors of people over the last 2 or 3 decades is absolutely deplorable. The main culprits who inflict drugs onto folk are the Government. Not the poor folks who can't do anything but try to get a high....by what ever means. The UK is the FIFTH RICHEST COUNTRY IN THE WHOLE WORLD... Yet we have FOOD BANKS???? Come on... Something is badly wrong here.
  10. Interesting...But where's the help for those who DON'T take drugs? All banging good for those that do....What about those that don't..?
  11. Last time I wen't past it was a Car wash...Is that still the case? and who runs it?...Out of interest..;) The px pub is scruffy?....SO It's still OPEN then?...!!
  12. Indeed....! Hmmm. I always love a comment when 'Indeed' is mentioned. Shows some class...Not something the common Riff-Raff would say...Let's say. !
  13. The biggest and No 1 Drug Dealer's are the GOV'T. They hate it when folk try to do it behind their back. There are some old songs about this. Been going on for years.
  14. Do you ever ever think to yourself of something you didn’t do, but wish you had ? NO. I suppose youve heard my wish before but its still the same. I wasted 4 years working in an office before going to train as a state registered nurse. Although my wage as a student nurse was exactly half of what I earned in an office, I never regretted it, and soon caught up moneywise when I qualified. What was your wish?, i didn't hear it. So..... what would you change ? , is there anything you regret ? Would you have done anything differently ? Married a different person ? I wouldn't change anything. I have no regrets. I wouldn't do anything differently. I have never married.! Come on now it’s nearly New Years Eve . Wish upon a Star for a laugh. See you all in the New Year. Laters you...T.C.
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