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  1. Well they certainly never shot anything down.
  2. Mr Shaddock was my German teacher, I was sad to hear that he passed away a few years ago, he was a great teacher. Thanks partly to the start he gave me in the language I moved to Germany in the 80's and speak the language fluently.
  3. Interestingly Mr Harvey says that the claims of the bloke who tends the memorial that the aircraft deliberately avoided kids in the park are simply not true. Other eyewitnesses and the position of the wreckage prove that the aircraft A - Approached from the wrong direction and B - was out of control before the crash.
  4. Dominic is still around but I don't see him much, I went out with his sister Claire about 15 years ago. He has two brothers, Martin who lives here and yes Thomas who moved to Berlin years ago. There hasn't been a decent gig at the Vier Linden for years, years ago I saw the Stranglers there and Cockney rebel. I remember seeing the Stranglers at the Jolly joker. Dominic is a year or two younger than me, about 54 I think. I don't know Doddy but he is still around and has the occasional Be bop revival night at the Vier Linden. The new Be bop is now a fitness studio I think.
  5. Hi zakes, interesting to read your post and I'll reply at length tomorrow but just letting you know that I live on Steuerwalder strasse near Be Bop 2 and went in there a few times. Btw did you know the May brothers Dominic, Thomas and Martin (not squaddies) ? They were Be Bop regulars.
  6. Hello all, This is a long shot but here goes. The Volksbund (German war graves commission ) is 100 years old next year and have selected 19 war cemeteries world wide to be updated with multi media exhibitions and education centres, the Soldatenfriedhof at Maleme in Crete, situated directly on the battlefield of Hill 107 above the airfield is one of the 19 selected for the project. The battle of Crete is a hobby/obsession of mine and I have been asked by the Volksbund to help find biographies of men of all sides killed in action during the battle. We still need more British, Commonwealth and Greek biographies for the memorial centre which will commemorate the fallen of both sides. As a Sheffielder I thought I'd ask on here if anyone has a relative who fell on Crete, the Volksbund are looking for a photo and a few details of the soldier/sailor/airman's life and military service. As I said I realise it's a long shot but it's worth trying. Thanks for any assistance !
  7. Hannover area ? I live in the Hannover area in Hildesheim.
  8. KG 53 and KG 54 for a start. KG 76 also bombed Sheffield but that was in 1941 I think. KG 55 also bombed the city in 1941. There were certainly other units involved but I'll have to search my archives for the info.
  9. In some cases you may well be right but the one in Greno woods, (there is supposed to be a second one nearby but I've never found it), is supposedly a bomb crater. Quite possibly a Luftwaffe bomber leaving the target area after a raid on Sheffield still had a bomb on board that had failed to release and managed to drop it later which would explain why there is only the one crater rather than a line of them.
  10. Yes that was the only air launched flying bomb raid not targeting London. KG 53 was the unit involved. Not so, the V1 was never used to attack shipping, that was the Henschel 293. I doubt it, the crater is too small.
  11. I'm from Grenoside and sometimes check this one : http://www.grenosidelocalhistory.co.uk
  12. United and Wednesday both win first league game of season, and both go through two round two of the league cup. Is this the Twilight zone or Fantasy island !?
  13. A purple satin blouse wouldn't have suited me, I blew my first pay on a Wilson T 2000 tennis racquet as used by Jimmy Connors back in the late 70's/early 80's. I've still got it too, it cost about 35 quid I remember which was quite a lot back then.
  14. What a ******* moron, a walking advert for gassing the unemployable.
  15. They aren't toffs, just lower class scrubbers dressed up in their wedding suits for a day out.
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