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  1. Thats the scary part! When I had the screen test at the audition one of the researchers played the part of Anne and gave me a load of grief! What I gave back obviously worked. Was either that or my stunning good looks. And hey, I aint kidding!
  2. OK guys, going down to Slough at the end of May to film The Weakest Link. A collective prayer would be handy! Just working on my exit walk if I dont make it all the way - any suggestions? Thinking maybe licking my lips and winking or even doing a pretend pistol draw again with a wink!
  3. Credit crunch? Not noticed tbh. Luckily not affected us in any shape or form. As regards job - I work a 5 week 24 hour shift. This involves 12 hour weekend day and night shifts and days, eves and nights during the week. Bonus is we get a week off every 5 weeks! As I get loads of time off I'm "expected" to contribute more to the housework. I try but the wee devil in the xbox keeps calling to me..........
  4. sheff-utd - where in Sheffield is Prince of Walse rd?
  5. Nah - united are just gonna have themselves to blame!
  6. lol been there dont that and there's no smell! Not from the good ones anyway!
  7. At that price dont expect too much. Your looking at a good £30 for anything half decent that will last. google "electronic cigarette forum" for some invaluable info
  8. So bin the pills! Bet they dont give you that kick in the back of the throat like an e-cig does! That's the one thing I missed when I tried other NRT.
  9. I've been using mine on and off for the past 9 months or so depending if I have a charged battery or not! Mainly use it if I'm on the xbox or at work and its raining. To clear a myth - they DO NOT emit any smell! Someones imagination must be working overtime. Get one bought, I get my bits n bobs from a couple of places http://www.e-cigs.co.uk http://www.theelectroniccigarette.co.uk
  10. Get one of these bought http://www.e-cigs.co.uk or http://www.theelectroniccigarette.co.uk
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