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  1. Thank you all for your suggestions and contributions, particularly to hillsbro for the source material and Ontarian for flagging up the fact that there was more than one such instance of a Meteor crashing. Indeed, in another incident in 1955, a young pilot was killed after his aircraft came down near Holmesfield. This crash however is well-documented and there is even a small memorial on the site. Given Sq Ldr Harries' stature as a fighter pilot it is perhaps surprising there isn't more material about. But at least the mystery of the crash location has been solved. Thank you again
  2. I have been trying to find out more about the wartime fighter ace Raymond Harries. His life and achievements are fairly well documented. He was certainly a brave and extraordinary man, credited with shooting down 15 Nazi aircraft in the late stages of the war, including three Me 109s in a single day, and two of the formidable FW190s, again in a single day. What’s eluded me so far are the circumstances surrounding his death. It is known that he was killed on 14May1950when his Gloster Meteor jet ran out of fuel and crashed near Sheffield. He apparently died after bailing out when his parachute became entangled on the aircraft’s tailplane. But as to where this happened, I have drawn a complete blank. Anyone any idea.?
  3. Be careful where you park your car in Norfolk Park. I left mine at the end of a line of cars in Norfolk Park Road while I visited my mother in the post-stroke rehabilitation home. At about 3pm I returned to my car and made a phone call prior to setting off. It was then that I heard loud laughter from somewhere in front, and the sound of a spray paint can being shaken. My view was obstructed by the vehicle ahead of me, a white VW Tiguan. A group of teenagers then hurried past and disappeared up the road. I got out expecting to see some sprayed graffiti on a wall. Instead, I quickly became aware that they had gone along the line of cars, defacing them with yellow paint. Clearly my car was next, which is why the individual concerned was shaking his can in readiness. He must have thought better of it when he saw the car was occupied. Of all the despicable crimes, this one is right down there with the worst. It's pointless - those who did it make no gain from their action. It has caused upset and needless expense to the victims, many of whom will be the dedicated NHS staff who work at the unit and who will end up paying for this lowlife's idea of fun. I only wish I had realised more quickly what was going on and that I'd got a better look at them.
  4. I hear that trees on Rivelin Valley Road are also on the hit list now. Quite what justification they can find for felling this impressive avenue of trees I can't imagine, but it can't be the state of the pavements - there are scarcely any, apart from the section near the paddling pool. Even if there were more, a pavement is a quick fix. Trees like this are 100 years in the making.
  5. Apparently the council are now planning to fell a healthy avenue of trees on Western Road at Crookes after covering themselves in glory at Rustlings. These trees were planted after WW1 in memory of those former pupils of a nearby school who gave their lives in the conflict. This isn’t just about trees anymore, it’s about the type of city we want to live in
  6. I have been struggling to find a suitable firm to replace my front door, which is on its last legs. It's a very old house, and the door has been there who knows how many years. We're very keen that it should be replaced like for like. But no firm we've spoken to is capable of doing that, as there's quite a lot of intricate detail in it. So it requires someone highly skilled, who has experience of similar jobs. Any suggestions gratefully received.
  7. Excellent example there Nagel which illustrates my wider point - unless we commemorate our heritage, it will be lost forever. And no, I never knew about Crookes either.
  8. Go to London and you'll see hundreds. Wolverhampton, would you believe it, has over 90. Even Gateshead has 29. I am referring to blue plaques which adorn buildings where famous sons and daughters of the locality once lived. I'll stand corrected if wrong,but I am not aware of even one in Sheffield. This came to mind after I drove past the house in Tasker Road, Crookes, where the late and very great Joe Cocker lived as a lad and indeed wrote some of his best-known songs. Joe was a worldwide phenomenon and surely the greatest musical talent ever to come out of Sheffield. He was adored by millions. And yet this part of our heritage doesn't warrant anything to mark it. I feel a campaign coming on. Anyone else in? After all, it's amazing what you can do with a little help from your friends.
  9. happy to help. Just send me a message
  10. Our orchard has excelled itself this year, so we have at a guess 20 times more than we could possibly use. We have a lovely crop of cookers and eaters (the russets being particularly good). It would be a shame to waste them, so you're welcome to stop by and take a bagful or two free. If you're of restricted mobility and are local to us (Stannington/Crosspool) I'll drop you some off. Either way, send me a private message so I can get in touch.
  11. I didn't ask your names, but whoever you are, sincere thanks for a great act of kindness. I was jogging down Ivy Park Road yesterday when I pulled up in agony after my calf muscle tore. The couple in question were driving by, saw what was happening and insisted on giving me a lift right to my door on Graham Road. I would otherwise have had to limp the entire distance, which would have been torture. It's heartening to know there are good, trusting people like this who go out of their way to help. Thank you both.
  12. We went to the Dim Sum on Thursday night only to find the shutters down and the place closed. Same story on Friday.Anyone know what's happening?
  13. A lovely summer evening is being ruined by an unholy racket from just behind the Three Merry Lads at Lodge Moor. From what I can see, there's a bandstand with a few people standing around it, and a band belting out seventies songs. It this an attempt to outdo Glastonbury? Anyone know what's going on - or better still, when it'll stop?
  14. I stopped in at the cafe this very morning for a coffee on the walk to work. Must admit I'd seen the shutters up days before and wondered if it had closed, but it seems very much alive and well.
  15. It's been sold by the Ciaraolo family (owners of the excellent Vito's in Walkley) to a lovely chap called Alfredo, who used to work at Vito's a few years back. Don't know when it's due to actually to change hands. Apparently it will continue as an Italian.
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