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  1. has anyone ever had problems with studio catalgues. thanks
  2. Does anyone know if the woodthorpe bakery has closed down.xxxx
  3. hiya,can i ask how old he would be has i lived on fishpond road
  4. thanks,but the thought off him being on his own is killing me.
  5. hiya all.my neighbour but his son into care about 8 weeks ago now,does any1 if i will be allowed to find out where he has been taken too,and if i can send hin pressies while there, please help me im going crazy has i adore this little fella hes like my own son thanks.xxxxxxx
  6. dr conner,a very painfull operation at the time,but was worth it in the end.
  7. absolutley beautifull,id buy your cd in a flash.xxxxxxxxxxxjulie
  8. where can you go for home made meat and potatoe pie and sit down to eat it also.
  9. my daughter would love this as she has special needs,shes 18 yrs old,can you send me some details please. julie
  10. why not move your uncle in with you for peace and quiet.
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