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  1. excellent...you'll be getting a call soon thanks again
  2. just found a couple of links to our mp3's (they re being hosted by a mate) all we had.. and burst these tracks are pretty old now,especially the second track....but until we get the new website up, thats all ive got for now ...and we've rocked up a bit more now... your comments would be most appreciated cheers again ps john(?) thanks for the venue lists
  3. hi all, im in a Preston based band and we're looking to play somewhere other than the usual manchester, liverpool, london venues, and have heard that sheffield has quite a good scene. problem is, ive only heard of the leadmill, so id be grateful if you could suggest a few others too we're an indie rock band with 99% our own material, been together 8 years and have supported the Verve, Laika dog (ex terrorvision), the Bluetones, amongst others and have recently played with "The Biggest Nirvana Tribute Band In The World" (Nevermind) if anyone could post a recommended venue with contact details, i'd be most obliged cheers steve our website is http://www.tingods.co.uk (currently in the process of being updated so the mp3 link is off at the mo)
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