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  1. I've just PMed you some pics of my lovely van and my email address. I'd be happy to do your wedding if you like the van!
  2. It's a term that gets banded around a lot on here (mainly as a pejorative), but I'd be interested to hear what other posters think Political Correctness actually is? It's such a vague concept, seemingly nowadays only ever used as a criticism that it's hard to ascribe any kind of meaning to it. I think Stewart Lee put it best - calling it 'At best, some kind of legally enforceable level of basic politeness'. Anyone else?
  3. I was in there at the weekend and it was <removed> heaving.
  4. I have (I think) 3 spare tickets to this if anyone wants them? Drop me a PM!
  5. I like the Banner Cross - but since The Greystones opened I tend to decide between the two based on whether I want to watch sport or not. The Banner Cross have all the sport on - so that's bound to be reflected in a pricier pint. And I'm happy to pay the premium to watch sport in a cosy local rather than a City Centre drinking shed.
  6. Seems an odd place for a hotel. Not really handy for anywhere. Who used to stay there?
  7. 4- Player NBA Jam on the SNES please (using a multi-tap of course). FROM DOWNTOWN!!!!!
  8. One of either the 88 or 83 goes down Ecclesall Road, into town, then out the other side and up to the Northern. Only one though and I don't know which!
  9. Just to say - It *is* ace, and free. You can get an idea of the number of participants, and the kind of times people are running by looking at previous results here http://www.parkrun.org.uk/sheffieldhallam/Results/LatestResults.aspx And, you don't have to pre register. You can turn up for 9. Start the run, and get your position and then give in your details at the end.
  10. This. You can get a charging cradle thingy with a slot for a spare battery for about £25 off of amazon. Big screens and surfing are always going to be thirsty for battery power. At least the HTC battery is replaceable (unlike Apple's iPhone batt).
  11. Get yourself a 2nd hand Nintendo Wii. Added bonus - you can play Super Mario Galaxy 2.
  12. Anyone with 9 mins to spare today should watch this video about PC gone mad. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGAOCVwLrXo&feature=player_embedded#!
  13. They do loads of different types of lessons (including 1 to 1) at the Goodwin sports centre (ie The University Pool). Why not give em a bell and see what's on offer http://www.sheffield.ac.uk/usport/
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