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  1. rockon Yeh you cant take the Sheffield out of the boy, Im over the other side of the city in Halfway N jaycee Gails brother was John Mansell think they lived somewhere round little london rd or windsor road. Memory in overdrive.
  2. Hi jaycee Hey i remember Gail and she had a younger brother I think maybe a year below me. Didnt think Me n MG would get any more response to my post but HEY!!!! youre here. It was a good infant n junior school and a lot of happy times. N hey rockon Im still in Sheff are you still her or have you moved on? ---------- Post added 30-10-2014 at 20:31 ---------- I think Elaine Jackson lived somewhere around Cliffefield Avenue cos I went to her birthday party one time. ---------- Post added 30-10-2014 at 20:33 ---------- Whoops Cliffefield Road
  3. Hi rockon thought we might have had a few more old classmates chattin. Yes I was in the same class as Susan, you lived at the bottom end of Derbyshire Lane just below the school as my memory serves odd numbers. Memory isnt all its cracked up to be. How close am I?
  4. notepad I was born 1950 rockon sad to hear about douglas he was in the class above me as was raymond and i think you also as some of the names you posted are familiar from the distant past Linda Roper is another name I recall ( I think!!) My Class was Michael Sheldon, just another oe to add to list. Oh and Susan Owen. You May have been in the class above so Im guessing your initials are either MK or MG from the list I posted, could be miles out!!!!.
  5. I attended Meersbrook from 1955 2 1961 Does anyone remember any of the names posted? Happy days spent in Meersbrook Park and Heeley baths in 6 weeks holidays Teachers Head Mr Darley Mr Edwards Mrs Malledar Mrs Pashley Miss Costello Kids Stephen Franklin Paul Atkinson Raymond Hedges John Snelson Michael Sheldon Robert Siddall Geoffrey Davis Steven Garbutt John Fraser Walker Jacqueline Richardson Rosemary Campbell Susan Grant Sheila Stacey Elaine Jackson Hillary Monks Janet Keyes Valerie Coldwell Elaine Hobson Mary Richardson Keith Stacey Douglas Bower Raymond Oakley Michael Grant Michael Keyes
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