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  1. Up to a thousand years ago they looked like making the grade.
  2. They do that by indoctrination from birth and executing those who wants to opt out of the religion they were forced into. It is rather amusing that they keep saying "god willing" and still get bumped off by ech other. What a strange god.
  3. One thing is for sure once you have killed murderous thugs they cease to murder. Leave them alive and they will carry on murdering, raping, kidnapping and turning innocent girls into suicide bombers until they are killed.
  4. They are the figment of someone's imagination. What class would you say Till Death Us Do Part was aimed at?
  5. I don't think you can guarantee anything in such circumstances except the 100 peace loving folk will be killed if you sit back and do nothing. So what would you do?
  6. So here's the question. If 200 heavily armed Islamic fundamentalists are attacking a community of 100 unarmed non believers with a view to doing a bit of human sacrifice, is it ethical to send in an air strike that kills the 200 in order to save 100?
  7. About spot on. They are the 2 dozen jumping around outside Sainsbury's telling folk not to buy dates. I don't normally buy dates but I thought I'd buy some because of the yahoos. Mind you Israels economy is based on high tech. They are the world leader in pilotless drones. If anyone doesn't want to buy those the Russians will as well as the Chinese. Israel will probably chuck in a couple of kilos of dates to cement the deal.
  8. That's usually they way with conflict. It happened in the 2 world wars and in most other conflicts until one side is beaten they just keep coming back for more of the same.
  9. You can try to manipulate other folks posting any way that you like. I posted what I posted in plain English. You can try to read whatever you like into them if it helps you to ease your concience. ---------- Post added 08-08-2014 at 17:19 ---------- That sounds like a good plan. There are quite a number of "ours" over there on the IS team and most folks over here will be happy for them not to come back.
  10. Check this out. https://www.facebook.com/dbmiller2/posts/10152316840471733?fref=nf I have a friend and student serving with Christian Peacemaker Teams in Iraqi Kurdistan - the team there reports: CALL FOR URGENT ACTION IRAQI KURDISH MINORITY GROUPS IN DESPERATE NEED OF INTERNATIONAL HELP A humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding in Iraqi Kurdistan and is reaching disastrous proportions. Tens of thousands of Yazidi people (a religious minority in Iraq) are trapped by ISIS-Islamic State (IS) forces in the Sinjar Mountains without food and water. According to reports, 70 children have died so far of heat and dehydration. Hundreds more are likely to die in the coming days. An estimated 100,000 Iraqi Arabs along with Christians, Shabak, Yazidi and other minorities have fled their homes, under threat, and are attempting to enter the area of northern Iraq controlled by the Kurdistan Regional Government, a region already stretched beyond capacity with over 1 million of internally displaced persons from the conflict with IS and refugees from Syria. Those who cannot leave their homes risk kidnapping, rape, torture and gruesome death. Such a situation is intolerable. The international community needs to move quickly to provide help and support to the Yazidi people before more people die. Christian Peacemaker Team – Iraqi Kurdistan asks people everywhere to join a nonviolent army of voices to call for aid and assistance for this beleaguered region. Please contact everyone you know—individuals, groups, faith communities—to contact their governments and other leaders for an outpouring of aid and support! Ask for: • Governments and people in power to negotiate with forces within and beyond IS to cease attacks on civilians • For international agencies-government to deliver water, food and humanitarian assistance to the Yazidi people trapped on the Sinjar mountain • For additional aid to relief agencies such as the United Nations and others as well as individual support of other reputable groups. Take further action: • Hold a public event or vigil in your community to show support for the Yazidi and other Iraqi people who suffer from the violence and depravation. • Remain informed about the on going crisis and be alert to ways you can bring change. • Encourage everyone possible to do the above!
  11. I didn't say that I knew they were bare faced lies, particularly as I'm not an MP who was shown the dossier of lies. It was Blair who knew that it was lies. He used the "sexed up" dossier to get support for the war he had planned and agreed to fight alongside Bush. That was where the WMD that were a threat to the UK and could be deplyed in 45 minutes came from. http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2009/mar/12/iraq-iraq The dossier was dodgy. Is there any doubt? The Cabinet Office has released more papers showing how the 2002 WMD dossier was 'sexed-up' against the wishes of experts Not another smoking gun. Nearly four years after I first asked for the documents – and presumably relying on Iraq fatigue – the Cabinet Office has released more papers showing how Tony Blair's 2002 WMD dossier was "sexed-up" against the wishes of the intelligence community. The official line is that opposition from within the intelligence community to the dossier's exaggerated claims was limited. The new emails show it was widespread:
  12. If I remember right Blair brought a dodgy dossier to the commons and told everyone a series of lies to bring them on board. Most folk who supported the war were taken in by Blair's bare faced lies. Blair wasn't taken in because he knew the truth but that didn't stop him spreading the deception.
  13. Well I didn't vote for either of them. How about you?
  14. You want to know where they get the bodies to scatter around faked bombed out buildings. http://www.algemeiner.com/2014/03/17/gaza-2-year-old-dies-from-hamas-rocket-assembly-accident/ A two-year-old Gazan, Mohammed al-Hamadin, died on Monday from injuries suffered last week when a rocket exploded during assembly in his home, the Palestine Press reported on Monday. The blast also killed his father, 26, and three other members of Hamas’s military wing, the al-Qassam Brigades. The rocket explosion also injured five other people in the house, in Beit Hanoun, in the northern Gaza Strip. Last week, Palestine Today said that the explosion was on the third floor of a family house, and added that the bodies of the “martyrs” were “cut to shreds.” On Friday, a 62-year-old woman was reported to have died from a similar accidental rocket explosion, also in Beit Hanoun. Blogger Elder of Ziyon, who flagged the reports, noted these accidental deaths were no longer being recorded by the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR), which “used to keep track of the people killed in ‘work accidents’, ‘internal explosions’ and the like. They hardly do that any more. They did not report about either of these. The Al Mezan Center for Human Rights likewise has ignored deaths of Arabs because of Palestinian Arab terror groups.” The blogger said it seemed “funny for organizations that pretend to care about ‘human rights’” to disregard these deaths. “Apparently, even they believe that only Arabs killed by Israelis deserve ‘human rights’; those killed by Arabs are just irritating distractions from the important news,” Elder of Ziyon said.
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