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  1. Hi, Im hoping for some advice. Im looking for a laptop on which i can run photoshop for design. Its used pretty much daily for design as i use it to produce digital caricatures, but as this is a hobby at the moment im hoping to get something suitable paying up to 300 ish. Just wondering if anyone can advise of suitable laptops? For the last few years i worked on an acer,which was fine to start with but a few years on and its really slow to use now. Ill still keep my old laptop for browsing web and downloads etc,so really the design is all the laptop will be used for. Have thought about features and with design being the reason for purchasing, speed is the main priority,screen size min 15.6, would like hd but this probably takes them out of my price range. Thanks in advance for any help, I've been looking online for ages but im just not sure what would be best based on my requirements.
  2. I am selling the stock from my wedding decor business,the stock is valued at over £2800 and includes: 129 lycra chair covers - rrp £15.99 each. These are the high quality ones which can be bleached,machine washed and tumble dried without ruining the elastic. 819 sashes in 12 different colours 11 glass fish bowls selling due to other commitments which means i no longer have time expensive this business, but as an indication of earnings we charged £2.75-£2.95 per chair depending on number booked,and £12 for fishbowl hire. It is a great investment for someone looking to set up a new business or expand a growing business further. I have plenty of photos available showing them set up. We Sam this as a part time weekend company and its a good way to earn extra cash. Looking for offers in the region of £1200, all items boxed and baggee up ready to go,cash on collection. Feel free to pm me or text on 07882471508 for further information. Thanks
  3. oops meant tigerworks...shows i must drink too much when i go down town!!
  4. I tried this place last night with 4 of my friends. We usually end up at Nando's if we go on West Street, or one of the takeaways but noticed this place on our way into Tiger Tiger and decided to give it a go. I've got to admit, the food was brilliant - I went for a half jerk chicken, chips and a coke. Food was cooked really well and we ate in at one of the boothes which saved standing around in a packed takeaway at the end of the night! There were quite a lot customers in but our order was still ready quickly and the staff were friendly - unlike some of the takeaways we have been to, who seem to give out constant abuse to their staff! It only cost me around a fiver, normally costs me £11 in nando's so will definitely be going there in future - can see this place being really popular. Didn't try any of the pizzas but 3 of my friends ordered pizzas and they all said they were lovely and were topped with fresh ingredients. Definitely worth a try if you're up that way in my opinion!
  5. Hi, we are a wedding photography company who charge only £250 for 4 hours as a cd package with all images professionally edited and supplied with full copyright. For this price you get two photographers. Please visit our website for details and samples of our previous work http://www.handinhandwedding.co.uk Additional hours can be booked for £35 each if required. thanks Sam
  6. Lots of help here, thanks guys! My husband is looking to start out on his own as although extremely talented in design and had lots of work from small companies who have been extremely happy with his work, the fact that he hasn't got any certified qualifications has held him back when applying for design work vacancies. I don't see why it is important really, he had lots of potential employers interested when viewing his work but when he says he is self taught/hasn't got a degree he then just seems to get knocked back! Thanks again Sam
  7. Thanks everyone for your replies, very much appreciated.
  8. Hi My husband is just starting out in business and being as though I just found this section of the forum, thought I would just ask a couple of questions as a marketing exercise (not promoting). If you are an existing company, have you paid for professional logo design, leaflets/shop fronts/letterheads/business cards? If so, what sort of things did you order and were there any particular ideas you wanted to incorporate? Would you (either existing, or start up companies) be looking for a fresh new image for your company and be prepared to pay for a professional design at great rates, or would you prefer to DIY? Would you be prepared to pay for a service if it provides excellent customer service, original artwork and could manage your whole printing/design requirements from start to finish where any ideas can be implemented into your company stationery. Thanks in advance for any responses, we are just trying to work out what the market is for this type of business.
  9. Hi, we are a wedding package company offering wedding photography, chair covers and fishbowl hire,therefore we are able to bring together many parts of your wedding for one, low budget price. We are a family run business, our photography prices are only £250 for 4 hours with all inches being professionally edited and supplied on cd. Additional hours can be purchased for only £35 each. Our chair covers come with a sash in your colour scheme choice and start at only £2.25 each. The fishbowls are hired at £12 each including mirrors and flowers matching your colour scheme. For further details,or images of our previous work, which include chair covers at Hellaby where the manager who was on shift even gave us a free bottle of wine as he was so pleased with what we did (due to time restrictions the evening before we started the covers at 1am and finished at 3am) please visit our website http://www.handinhandwedding.co.uk thanks Sam hand in hand wedding specialists
  10. Hi everyone, this may be a long shot, or a silly question, but my husband has written a script for a comedy sitcom. He is new to this business and despite looking through various websites, artists and writers yearbook and reading many peoples comments, is not quite sure what to do/where to turn to next. He is looking at production companies and sending off samples from his script, but is also considering whether an agent would be a better choice. Does anyone have any experience in this area of what he would be best to do next? We can see a lot of production companies do not accept unsolicited scripts, but have seen many warnings from other posters on the internet regarding agency scams etc. If anyone has any tips or advice, or suggestions where to look for more information we would be really grateful. Thanks in advance for your time Sam x
  11. Hi Sophie, Firstly congratulations on your upcoming wedding! We run a wedding photography and chair cover company and provide photography for £250 which is 4 hours coverage. All images are then professionally edited and supplied on CD. Additional hours can be booked for £30. We have a website where you can view our work http://www.handinhandwedding.co.uk We also provide chair covers with sashes from £2.25 each, should these be required. Kind regards Sam
  12. 49 first bus to sheffield from killamarsh, anyone know how to get updates on this? First website doesnt pick the route up when you search timetables x
  13. hi all, no water in s21 for us, just wondering if anyone else has the same issue?
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