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  1. Try pet-walkiz 07756515009 http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?p=5117812#post5117812
  2. sounds lovely where would i get that from?!
  3. can i replace ordinary tea with green tea and drink 4 to 5 cups per day .. is that safe to do?
  4. for a day out? something to do out in the fresh air? any exhibitions or shows anywhere?
  5. IF U CAN GET A PRESCRIPTION FROM YOUR /A VET http://www.petmeds.co.uk/nsearch.aspx?keywords=PROPALIN im sure this will help betty.....rather than nothing.. surgery isnt always the last option. we used this med rather than surgery...
  6. Is poor old betty not on treatment like PROPALIN for her incontinence? its a brilliant medicine and works!!! ask your vet about it !! someone might be willing to help out if she wasnt incontinent bless her.
  7. Wasnt there a corkers fruit shop on the shopping parade at frecheville too many years ago?
  8. well i hope they all have a note from their parents or guardians!!
  9. the mother of pearl factory is still there!!
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