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  1. Charnock Ridgeway U 14s require players for up and coming season who are based somewhere near S12 area . Please reply and I will pass more details on to you .
  2. Defo is . One of the presenters refered to it the other week ....
  3. Can anyone help ? Need the contact details of anyone who does treadmill / walking m/c repairs in Sheffield area . Many thanks ...
  4. For the last few years due to keeping them well fed and watered we've had plenty of birds in our garden but this summer for some reason the numbers have dropped . I live on Skye Edge, which is well known for its birds but this year has been very disappointing .
  5. What amazes me is that these footballers make this kind of comment when they have just seen what trouble can be caused by such statements . Are they really thick or is it done to keep them in the headlines ?
  6. TPS on your phone line will block any calls made in Britain but will not block calls made from abroad. So just leaving them hanging on seems a good option.
  7. Thats the worrying thing. Nuclear weapons and a population thats capable of being whipped into a frenzie on order is not a good mix.
  8. Only been going in the Windsor for about the last 25 years, so I've no memories of it before that but in that time I've built up a great many of them. Its sad to see the place go under but it's been on the cards for a few years now. At one time if you were'nt in the concert room for 7.30 on a Sunday night you had no chance of a seat. But times change and now there is only a handful of customers left. It's had a bad reputation but I've always found the people who use it to be the salt of the earth. Its going to be a big loss.
  9. It's missing a decent market place. The old one was spot on with plenty of stalls and a good atmosphere but the new one is lacking in both the number of stalls and variety. Put it back to how it was !!!!
  10. I'm a total hypocrite . If I had to kill it myself I would never eat meat but if someone does it for me , well, bring it on....
  11. I registered with the TPS about 18 months ago and the calls dwindled to a virtual stop but just lately they seem to be on the increase again. Tried to re register with the TPS but it wouldn't let me and just told me my number was already registered so it seems that it only works for a while. Just have to get downright nasty with the callers again
  12. Looking at the photo of the two lads sent home for wearing the wrong shoes I would find that the state of their hair would be a bigger issue with me !!!!
  13. The conspiracy theorists have been reading too many novels and watching too many films. They will trot out an alternative theory for anything that happens that suits their vivid imaginations.
  14. I'd recommend Matlock or Matlock Bath. Lovely area and all the pubs and eateries you could want.
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