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  1. Require small unit with electric for rent Sheffield area. Thank you.
  2. I always use Stuart @ SD Autos, spot on.. https://www.sdautoelectricalservices.co.uk
  3. Hi all, I'm looking for a good mechanic/garage who can diagnose & repair faults/problems with my van. I have noticed over the last few years the general small garages do not have the relevant diagnostic equipment to identify problems. There seems to be a lot of people offering diagnostics, but unable to carry out repairs and vice versa. Considering the amount of transits on the road, I would be happy to hear where fellow transit owners go in Sheffield. I'm willing to pay a good price, just require a garage I can leave the van, collect it repaired. It maybe the case that this no longer exists, with all the technology required. Might have to bite the bullet, go to lookers, last resort.. Many thanks.
  4. Hing Lung has been shut for a few weeks now, this is very unusual, as they are open 6 days a week all year round, without fail! Does anyone know if they are closed for good, or just temporary ? I'm missing my Kung po !! Thanks.
  5. Is VCS not the old EXCEL parking re-branded ? I thought they were suspended from retrieving driver details from DVLA, if so just ignore it as they have no way of knowing who owns the vehicle. I would check to first to see if DVLA allow them to request personal details. Maybe someone could verify this ??
  6. Hi, just wondering why the price of fuel varies depending which part of the city you are in. Having filled up at Sainsburys Crystal Peaks paid 105.9, across the city Sainsburys on Archer Road, paid 108.9. This also applies to Morrisons. Any comments ??
  7. Oh, your pretty <REMOVED> then, you'll just have to pay it. DO NOT ignore it, after the fine reaches £105 and you do nothing, the debt will be referred to Marston's debt recovery who will arrive on your doorstep with a warrant demanding around 350 - 400 pounds, even if you refuse them entry, they can remove your vehicle (providing it is registered to you). They will not let up until they get the money, or goods to cover the costs !!
  8. Hi, you should have received your NTO (Notice to owner) letter, you need to appeal again within 28 days of receiving the letter. This will then go to the independent parking adjudication service, you will start to receive communication from them. You need to appeal all the way if you think/know the ticket was issued incorrectly. The council (parking services) will always reject the appeal in the first instance, hoping you will just pay up, with threats the fine will increase e.t.c. I have done this on 2 occasions, the date has been set for the appeal hearing, then a week before the council will drop the case. I cannot guarantee this, but if the hearing does go ahead, if gives you a chance to put your case forward, provide evidence e.t.c. DO NOT be bullied into paying, parking services are ruthless and a disgusting company !! Good luck.
  9. Try http://www.anyvan.com or http://www.shiply.com
  10. Hi, any more info, moving from & to ? when, What items e.t.c ? Thanks.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/onlinesheffield?fref=nf
  12. Try the place at the junction of London rd/Abbeydale road, Highfield motors, I think..
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