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  1. I have been shattered all day... Me and bump off to bed and hubby can put little one to bed as he managed to sleep through it. I feel sorry for those who live on the same street!
  2. I don't begrudge anyone a good time, but until 8am? It sounded like it was being turned down from time to time, then back up once the (presumably) police had left. I wish I knew where this party was, I would delight in parking up outside later, and blasting out Lithium.
  3. Just craned my neck out of the attic window - all I can see is a huge glow
  4. Anyone know what was happening on South Road this morning? It was CSI Walkley out there
  5. It lives at The Philadelphia. They let it roam around and it comes home of it's own accord
  6. I have never seen anything like it. I walk my daughter to school every morning, and the route takes me along this street. It is a Krypton Factor course of dog cr*p - I have seen a bag of the stuff today! Words fail me, especially as it is so close to a school. Tried to call the Council but permanently on hold. As a responsible dog owner I find it disgusting. If I lived on this road I'd be following the feckless owners home and posting it through their letter box!!
  7. I am just starting to recover after 2 weeks of a flu type virus - I have the flu jab but the symptoms were as near as they could be to the real thing. This was coupled with AWFUL lower back pain, and to top it all an ear infection that I am now trying to clear with a second lot of antibiotics
  8. Come on then folks! When do we think the lovely white stuff will start to fall this year?
  9. Coppice Farn at Rivelin - they have recently reopened
  10. :huh:Yeah, let's ban babies while we're at it!!
  11. In the past couple of days I have seen a Bentley and a Ferrari outside Rajput. What with the caravan on the site of the old petrol station I keep thinking I am in Puerto Banus!!!
  12. We are pretty broke at the moment. 1 pack of celery, a few carrots and a couple of spuds with some chicken stock = soup that my 3 year old loves with a slice of wholemeal bread. Total cost £3.00 for all 3 of us to enjoy. Sorry but I have no sympathy for folk who think it's impossible to eat cheaply and healthily
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